ellie Tropical Cuisine Closed

Reader puppy52doll informed me a while back that they may be closed. Sadly, it’s true…I went by a few days ago and saw that they have a sign on the door stating that a new Vegetarian restaurant is going to open soon. So sad…ellie…the home of the best laksa in the world is closed….makes me […]

Timothy’s Frozen Yogurt

After the lobster sashimi dinner we were ready for MORE ice cream.  GRock has heard about Timothy’s Frozen Yogurt and I was excited to take them there. I’ve been to this place ever since I was a kid.  I remember when I was only allowed to get the Kid’s size to when I was finally […]

Ichiro Japanese Restaurant w/ Friends

This dinner was planned for about a month.  A few weeks ago I saw the comment in my previous Ichiro Japanese Restaurant review and saw that the commenter did not have a good experience here.  That worried me as I had highly recommended it to my coworkers.  It was also tediously planned so I really […]

Cherry Fruit Juice & Icy Bar 利源冰店

Part two of Parker Place Food Court. Now this was the same meal as when I had Pak Kee’s Pepper Salt Fried Chicken Nuggets with rice. For something that’s bound to induce a thirst, I gotta get a drink don’t I? Aside from the popular Pearl Castle to-go, my favorite drink place is from Cherry […]

Pak Kee Beef Noodle 栢記牛肉粉

Update Mar 15, 2012: This restaurant is now closed. It’s about time I blogged about another great Asian food court in Richmond.  The one at Parker Place has got to be one of the more successful ones, as most of the shops there have been there since day 1.  It is always busy, always difficult […]

Bobby G’s Pub

Update: This restaurant has closed. Wendy and I finally ordered the Entertainment Book. We love to wait when the book drops down under $20 to pick it up. The book fully redeems itself in a meal or two. Tonight, we decided to go somewhere we haven’t been before. In search of this, we located Bobby […]

A&W Mozza Burger

On a crazy windy, rainy night, Wendy and I decided to take our bi-monthly trip to Walmart.  After being starved for hours, I had a craving for a juicy burger.  So we went back to A&W. Wendy started off with a fat, juicy Mozza Burger.  We chose not to get the sirloin despite massive temptation […]

The Clubhouse Restaurant

A favorite Japanese restaurant of Boyfriend and mine is The Clubhouse Restaurant.  We been going since the early days of our relationship.  Unfortunately we don’t get to go often since it is just so out of the way.  We also found that the place seems to have irregular hours…we wanted to go once on a […]

The William Tell

Update: This restaurant is now closed. Pretty Sis took Mom and I to dinner out one night.  She found a restaurant that is Swiss-French and a bit of West Coast.  What a combination huh? The William Tell is located in the heart of downtown.  You all should know by now how much I absolutely LOATHE […]

Little Monk Pretzels

Update: This restaurant has closed or moved. I’ve always loved soft pretzels.  I remember many, many years ago at Lansdowne Mall there was a small pretzel place that sells pretzel sticks with cheddar cheese dipping sauce.  It was so good.  It has shut down many years ago and I could only go to Metrotown to […]