Romer's Burger Bar - Sea of Cortez Shimp Tacos with Watermelon Salad
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Romer’s Burger Bar Port Moody

AngryRussian and I had a double dinner date with his friends a while ago at Romer’s Burger Bar in Port Moody.  It was a sort of farewell-for-now as his friend was moving to Toronto for work.  I had been to Romer’s before but was never super impressed as I never got into their method of not including a side with their burgers.  Let’s see if my opinion of them changed this time around!

Romer's Burger Bar - Remember That Thyme cocktail

With my meal I had a Remember That Thyme ($6) cocktail (Tanqueray Gin, honey thyme syrup, Fentimans Ginger Beer, lemon juice, fresh cucumber, soda, fresh thyme).  It was refreshing and I was surprised at how prominent a flavor the cucumber was.  Thyme was an interesting addition and I must say I quite enjoyed this drink.  The price was equally easy to swallow 😅.

I had already downed one of their Saturday special of $5 sangrias while we were waiting for a table.  I had the white version and that was good enough but it was all pre-made so that kind of took away the impressiveness of it.  But again, it was $5, so I really shouldn’t be complaining.

Romer's Burger Bar - Brussel Sprouts

AngryRussian and I love brussel sprouts and almost always order it when it’s available, so here it is- the Brussel Sprouts ($8.95) with red chili garlic and Reggiano Parmesan.

They were nice and crisp, and greasy!  But really yummy.

Romer's Burger Bar - Sea of Cortez Shrimp Tacos with Watermelon Salad

I remember enjoying their tacos the last time I visited, so I kept to the tried-and-true and ordered the Sea of Cortez Shrimp Tacos ($15.95) with fresh avocado, diablo sauce ($15.95).  I opted for the Watermelon Salad as my side.

I love that you get the choice of getting roti as the taco shell.  The last time I had this the shell was light and flaky.  However this time it was a bit hard and chewy, and didn’t taste fresh.  The filling was superb though.  The shrimps were large and succulent and seasoned well, and there was quite a bit of it.

The watermelon salad had organic watercress, basil and feta.  It was also refreshing and the watermelon sweet.  A nice change from your usual garden or caesar salad choice, or fries.

Romer's Burger Bar - Righteous Rib Burger with Yammy Fries

AngryRussian had the Righteous Rib Burger ($13.95).  It had a patty of braised short rib, topped with maple smoked bacon, sweet onions, Gorgonzola cream, and fresh thyme.  I didn’t taste it but he seemed to enjoy it.

He also got a side of Yammy Fries ($4.45) which came with spicy banana ketchup and chipotle aioli.

Romer's Burger Bar - World Famous Drunken Doughnuts

Lastly we all shared Romer’s World Famous Drunken Doughnuts ($8.95).  It came with milk chocolate, white chocolate, and butterscotch dipping sauce.

I can’t say what makes them “world famous” though as they were especially good.  They were on par with the mini donuts you get at fairs or stadiums though.

So I think all in all I’m still not super impressed by Romer’s.  Some items were good but it just wasn’t all that special to me.  I would still come back for their cheap drink specials though from time to time.

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