Lam Hoa Quan

Dee introduced me to the only Northern-style Vietnamese pho restaurant in Vancouver, and that’s Lam Hoa Quan.  He finally took me there and really was different. The interior was nothing fancy obviously, but it was orderly and actually quite spacious to me.  The server was a young, made-up lady that spoke perfect English.  So there […]

West Lake Vietnamese Restaurant

Update Jan 3, 2013: This restaurant is now closed. Boyfriend and I enjoy going to West Lake because they’re open late, and they have Afternoon Tea/Late Night menus that includes a drink. They also make decent food and service is pretty ok, considering it’s a Asian-ran restaurant. Prices are among the best in Vietnamese food […]

Aberdeen Centre Food Court Quickie

Nothing like grabbing a quick snack at the food court when you are starving. Fast, cheap, goes down fast and hopefully not-so-fast out. Wendy and I decided to pay a trip to Aberdeen Centre’s food court. I believe this is probably the best Asian food court, not because of the food offerings, but because of […]

Pho 99 Vietnamese Noodle House – Richmond

Again this was another post I’ve put off posting for a while for no particular reason. My mom received a VIP card for this place, resulting in 10% discount on our meals.  So Boyfriend and I decided to try this place out. Apparently Pho 99 already has 2 other locations in BC, both of them […]

Halong Bay Vietnamese Restaurant

Update Jun 10, 2009: This restaurant has since closed down I’ve had this stashed in my pictures folder for the longest time.  I’ve just never came around to blogging them (as you might be able to tell from the last picture, the business card was taken with a Christmas Card backdrop!!!) This is a nice […]

Pho An Nam 安南餐廳

This is a gem that Boyfriend and I found out not too long ago.  As it’s not located in the central restaurant area of Richmond, we had always forgotten about it even though we’ve always wanted to try it. We now frequent this Vietnamese restaurant the most since it’s the one closest to us. An […]

New Asia Deli Restaurant 亞洲美食

Update: This restaurant has closed. I’m in a Vietnamese binge lately.  Every day I crave pho.  This is another restaurant that I frequent, but that was before I discovered Pho Thai Hoa. They are located in Continental Square (Centre? Plaza?) on Cambie in Richmond.  Their previous location was in the little mall where Staples on No. […]

Pho Thai Hoa 泰和 Richmond

Update Feb 15, 2014: This restaurant has since shut down. This is officially my new favorite pho place.  They are cheap, delicious, and their service is wonderful!! The location we went to is their second store, located in Richmond.  It is in Union Square on Capstan Way, and the restaurant is at a corner across […]

Green Lemongrass Vietnamese Cuisine

The best pho soup base for me lately has got to be this place.  It’s located between No. 3 Road and Cooney, along Westminster Highway. Between the 3 of us only one ordered pho, but they still gave us a big plate of boiled bean sprouts, basil and lime.  Even though it’s not the way […]