Sensus Bistro 品味

Update Jan 13, 2013:  This restaurant is now closed. This is a “new” restaurant that’s opened in Union Square along Capstan Way.  It’s not actually new, as the owner and the workers are still the same, as is the decor.  They just renamed the place and revamped their menu. Like all HK Style cafes, this […]

King Leo Soft Strawberries & Cream Puffs

My sister brought this back as one of the souvenirs from when she flew to Georgia for a convention.  She thought it would be something I’ll be interested in and she was right. I had to open them right away since she wanted deperately to try them (and I thought they were for me!!).  From […]

Kingsway Sushi 東壽司 AYCE

Kingsway Sushi has recently become my favorite place for All-you-can-eat (AYCE) japanese (albeit chinese-made) food.  They have quality fresh sashimi and a decent selection of items in their Deluxe Dinner menu. It was a Saturday so the place was packed.  Good thing we made reservations, but still we waited for about 15 minutes.  Those without […]