Playing with Fire and Water

If you guys haven’t looked at my blogroll lately (or ever), there’s a site by freelance chef located in Connecticut who goes by the name foodplayerlinda. I can’t get over how incredibly artistic and creative she is.  She manages to use any food at hand to create beautiful works of art.  It really is incredible. […]

Sushi House

It was lunch with Mom again.  This week we did it on a Sunday.  At first I was obviously skeptical about venturing to the “Golden Village” during the weekends, but since our destination is a little bit away from the “Bermuda Triangle” of Aberdeen, Parker Place, and Yaohan, I thought we’ll be safe. Sushi House […]

Irashai Grill & Motomachi Shokudo

We were, like some other bloggers, invited to the Irashai Grill Open House.  All I can say about that was….disappointment and chaos.  It was pretty bad.  More about that later. Obviously, it was so chaotic, messy, disorganized,  over-crowded, chaotic (did I say that already?), that we stayed probably a bit over 30 minutes and decided […]

Nando’s Flame-grilled Chicken

Boyfriend and I were able to put our E-book to good use again.  We’ve only used it twice, and already the book has paid for itself. By the way, the E-book is now $12USD with free shipping.  Now’s the chance to jump on it~ We ordered one of each of the two available choices.  Boyfriend […]

Red Star Seafood Restaurant 鴻星

I’ve had these pictures for quite a while…probably a month or more. For that amount of time, it’s a miracle that Red Star is still operating. Anyways, this is another dim sum post. As the visit was quite some time ago, I’ve since went again and so there will be pictures from both visits. Both […]

Benkei Noodle Shop 辨慶 Robson

Update Jan 3, 2014: This Robson St location is now closed. It’s a bit late but after all this time, we’ve finally got on the Benkei-wagon and visited the renowned Benkei Ramen. It was Boyfriend’s birthday and he didn’t want anything fancy.  He actually really really wanted to have ramen!  All the better for my […]

Orange Julius Free Smoothie Day Coupon

If you haven’t heard by now, June 19th is Orange Julius’ Free Light Smoothie Day. Go here and print out the coupon, and on that Friday you can get a free Light Smoothie of your choice from the 3 flavors offered! A lot of places have been doing these kinds of things lately, ie. Tim […]

Anthony’s Restaurant at Squalicum Harbor

Welcome to the last part of our US Day Trip Trilogy.  After our short and sweet visits to Burger King and Auntie Anne’s, we wrapped up our trip with a visit to Anthony’s Restaurant.  It is located in Downtown Bellingham! (Yes, there’s such a thing!)  Honestly, I think that without a GPS, it would’ve been […]

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

The second post regarding our day-trip to Washington State is a short one.  Wendy introduced it to me a while back when we first went to the Chelsea Premium Outlet together.  Auntie Anne’s is a great pretzel place that you will often find in many American malls. When we walked in, we were rushed by […]