Update: This restaurant is now closed. It was Mommy’s birthday last week, so Pretty Sis and I took Mom and her sister (our aunt obviously) out to Downtown for dinner. Traditionally we had taken her to fine-dining.  However this year, I’ve decided to make full use of my $5 Let’s Go For Dinner membership (it’s […]

Tuttimelon Revisited

Update Feb 4, 2011: This restaurant is now closed. After reading some of the comments left on our initial post on Tuttimelon, we decided to go back unannounced to see how service is for “regular” folks :wink:. So I think the main concern was that the Original yogurt was icy and not smooth enough.  Also […]

Tuttimelon Premium Frozen Yogurt

Update Feb 4, 2011: This restaurant is now closed. There’s a new froyo kid in town!!  And it goes by the name of Tuttimelon! It seems like the frozen yogurt craze down South has gained momentum here in the Lower Mainland.  The newest addition is located on Alexandra Road a couple doors from Kam Do. […]

Red Persimmon Taiwanese Cuisine

Despite the horrible parking conditions at Crystal Mall, it is still one of my favorite places to go for lunch when I’m at work.  It’s a good thing we always have lunch early so the conditions aren’t TOO too bad. There’s so many options here that I find it hard to choose a place.  Finally […]

Dot Dessert

Update: This restaurant is now closed. I learned about Dot Dessert while searching for a Japanese-style dessert place in Vancouver.  I was quite happy to know about it, since I really enjoy the parfaits at Chicco and any new places offering the same thing is always welcome.  It was especially exciting since it’s not located […]

Cafe D’Lite Express

Last week, the weather in Vancouver became unbearingly hot (to me and Wendy!).  Most homes in Vancouver are not equipped with air conditioners so that makes things worse than other locations elsewhere that receive more annual sunshine.  Fans and A/Cs were being swept off shelves during these times.  I couldn’t even go buy a fan […]

Sensus Bistro Revisited

Update Jun 21, 2012: This restaurant is now closed. It has been a while since we last visited Sensus.  Business has picked up since we’ve last been here.  We had to wait about 10mins for seat.  However, the head waitress here was very nice.  She kept coming to reassure us that we’ll have a table […]

Tropika 星馬印 @ Aberdeen Centre

Update Nov 14, 2013: This restaurant has moved from the location indicated in this post. Malaysian food has always served me well.  I like the seasoning and the spiciness that comes with most of its dishes.  The Tom Yum Gong soup has an unbelievably great flavor that keeps me coming back to it.  We decided […]

Hot Pot and Chinese Cuisine recommendations for Catherine

I’ve recently received a question from a Bellingham resident regarding Chinese cuisine.  Just so it’s easier for her to see my reply, I will post it here. Here’s her question: “I am from Bellingham and would like to learn about real Chinese cuisine. The options that I have here are nothing like what you present. […]

Tri-ty 翠緹

Wow this post is long over-due.  I first came here with Fannypack during one of our BCIT dinners.  I was going to take her to try Taiwanese Beef Noodle at Dinesty but it was closed when we went, so we went across the street to try this place, to see if they have it. They […]