Sensus Bistro Revisited

Update Jun 21, 2012: This restaurant is now closed.

It has been a while since we last visited Sensus.  Business has picked up since we’ve last been here.  We had to wait about 10mins for seat.  However, the head waitress here was very nice.  She kept coming to reassure us that we’ll have a table soon.

So we finally did.  Boyfriend always orders the same #19 (the salt and pepper chicken) here.  I saw that aside from the set menu, they also had a “Spring Menu” (yes…it’s almost the end of Summer and they still have their Spring menu….that’s chinese restaurants for you~!).

Sensus Bistro menu

The thing that caught my eye was the 3 noodle dishes with the smiley faces.  I plan to try all 3 😀

This time, I tried the Special Crab Paste w/ Crushed Tomato w/ Rice Vermicelli in Soup.

Sensus Bistro: Special Crab Paste with Crushed Tomato and Rice Vermicelli

And here it is!  Mind you it was more like sliced tomatoes than crushed tomatoes but it was still very good.  I like the unusual condiments they’ve added, namely the sliced daikon and egg-tofu.

Sensus Bistro: Special Crab Paste with Crushed Tomato and Rice Vermicelli

Once I push that mountain of daikon off, I was met with loads of the “crab paste” stuff.  It was mixed in with some tiny dried shrimp which gave is a nice texture.  It tasted really good by the way.  The broth was clear and tasty.  The use of vermicelli diminishes any chance of feeling over-stuffed by the crab paste.

I really enjoyed this, if you couldn’t already tell.  I really like it when restaurants come up with new, refreshing, innovative dishes that set them apart from the typical offerings of restaurants of this type.  So like I said, I will definitely come back to try the others.

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  1. That’s pretty interesting. The crab dish you had is actually a type of Vietnamese soup dish from Vietnam (the northern part I think) called “bun rieu”. You can find it in some Vietnamese restaurants although I never tried them in restaurants. I’ve made it at home before and I love the soup flavour thats sweetened by the tomatoes.

  2. The food here does taste pretty good, however, there is a large concern about the the service and the cleanliness of the restaurant. I’ve heard from locals that there has been a food and health inspection there regarding how clean they operate. I was there once and asked about this and the waiter insisted they were okay or that they never had the inspection. Quite odd for me…I’d avoid this place.

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