S&W Pepper House 西南風 Richmond

Update Jan 23, 2013: This restaurant is now closed. Mom and I had dinner with Pretty Sister.  She was really into Szechuan foods lately and Mom found a new place to have it.  That would be S & W Pepper House located on No.3 Road. There were similarities in the dishes offered by S & […]

BK King Deal Thursday – Spicy Chick’n Crisp

Oh boy, another work day, another BK day… I’ll save the guilt trip to myself…at least I’m not getting the whole combo… So obviously, Thursday’s $1.99 deal is the Spicy Chick’n Crisp. Again this was a nicely assembled sandwich.  It’s about the size of a whopper jr.  I think the bun’s the same. Inside there’s […]

Sunkist Float – Orange Creamsicle

Boyfriend and I always like to give a visit to Target and Walmart whenever we go to the States. They always have much better deals there and sometimes we find things that are only available in the US. Specifically, I’m usually only interested in the food items. This particular time we went, in the soft […]

Steveston Seafood House

Finally blogging this restaurant.  As you can kind of see, there’s snow on the ground.  This is from that deep-freeze period of Dec-Jan earlier this year. It wasn’t that the restaurant wasn’t good and I didn’t want to recommend it.  On the contrary, Steveston Seafood House was excellent.  I just felt that I didn’t take […]

Ajijiman @ Aberdeen Centre

Update: This restaurant has closed. Where in Richmond can you have a bowl of ramen along with a refreshing HK-style iced milk tea? Mom and I deviated from our weekly ritual of going to dim sum by not going to dim sum.  Instead we went to Aberdeen Centre’s food court for lunch. I really like […]

Kyung Bok Palace 景福宮

Update: This restaurant has closed. Kyung Bok Palace of Lansdowne Mall in Richmond had been offering a “5 items for $19.95” menu for quite some time now. I’ve always been meaning to go try it. Finally I went with Fannypack to go try it out for lunch. This menu is offered until 4pm each day. […]

Original Joe’s Cambie

Today was Cambie street’s All-Access party…I think it’s to celebrate the reopening of Cambie Street.  However, it doesn’t seem like it actually IS reopened…since construction was going on. A bunch of coworkers and I went to join the party after work.  Honestly, it wasn’t much of a party.  However, we went to Original Joe’s for […]

Burger King Burger Shots

Yep…this would be my 3rd fast food post in 2 weeks…all from Burger King… SO…I tried the uber cute Burger Shots this time.  It was a late-night thing…I was hungry.  It’s $1.99 for 2. Fits in the palm of my hand!  Isn’t it cute? They’re pretty simple.  Just regular hamburgers, just mini-sized.  There’s a patty, […]

President’s Choice Blue Menu Korma Sauce

This would be the first post ever of us doing some home cooking!! Mind you not entirely from scratch but it’s the closest to home cooking we’ve done ever. We like Indian food. I especially enjoy Korma. A couple years ago we found that Superstore’s President’s Choice has come out with a series of Indian […]

Vivacity 名都

Update: This restaurant has closed. SO like I said before, Vivacity Restaurant is my mom’s favorite dim sum place. This one Tuesday we were fortunate enough to be able to get a parking space in that hellhole parkade of theirs. Normally, it shouldn’t be that bad (but honestly, it’s still really bad) cuz there’s supposed to […]