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Steveston Seafood House

Steveston Seafood House

Finally blogging this restaurant.  As you can kind of see, there’s snow on the ground.  This is from that deep-freeze period of Dec-Jan earlier this year.

It wasn’t that the restaurant wasn’t good and I didn’t want to recommend it.  On the contrary, Steveston Seafood House was excellent.  I just felt that I didn’t take good pictures to show-off the excellency of the food.  I thought I would probably go back some time but there was just too many other restaurants I wanted to try that I haven’t gotten the chance to go back yet.

I believe this was when I got my first or second paycheque, so obviously I treated Mom out to dinner.  Dad and Boyfriend tagged along.

Steveston Seafood House: Famous Appetizer Platter

We ordered 2 appies to share.  First was their Famous Appetizer Plate. How this works is that it’s $11.50 per person (or portion), and you choose how big a portion you want.  This was for 2 people, so basically everything came in two.

There was fresh oysters, crab cakes, Canadian bacon-wrapped scallops, calamari, shrimps, and prawns.  It was a pretty interesting presentation.  Mom liked it.

Steveston Seafood House: Mussel Appetizer

Second appy was the Mussel Appetizer which is steamed in white wine, butter and garlic ($11.95).  You can choose to have clams instead of you want.

The mussels were big and plump.  Dad especially enjoyed the broth.

Steveston Seafood House: Rainbow Trout

Mom’s choice isn’t on the menu.  It was the special of the night.  It was Rainbow Trout with crab and shrimp on top (not the official name).  She enjoyed this but couldn’t finish it as it was really big.

Steveston Seafood House: Halibut with mussels and shrimp

Boyfriend and mine was another choice from the daily special’s menu- Halibut with mussels and shrimp.  The halibut was surprisingly a bit dry.  The mussels were good though, the cream sauce complimented it well.

Steveston Seafood House: Smoked Alaskan Black Cod

Dad’s entree was something I really enjoyed (:-)).  This is available on the regular menu- Smoked Alaskan Black Cod.  You can clearly taste the smoked flavor and the fish was very tender and juicy.  It comes with a mango salsa and I will definitely order this again when I get the chance to revisit SSH again.

Then there’s dessert.  They put their dessert on a cart and wheels them to your table to show you their offerings.

Steveston Seafood House: New York-Style Cheesecake with Chocolate sauce

We shared two desserts.  First up was the New York-Style Cheesecake with Chocolate sauce.  It was huge and scrumptious.

Steveston Seafood House: Lemon Meringue Pie

Second was the Lemon Meringue Pie.  This was awesome.  It was just the right tartness and sweetness, served with caramel sauce.  The meringue was firm and didn’t quench out liquid like this pie often does.  Wonderful.

If you hadn’t noticed, all the entrees have the same garnish…specifically and white daikon radish thing.  When I had it, I thought “How odd, this is such an Asian food I’m surprised they have it here.” As it turns out, the head chef was Asian, and Chinese man that lives in the area.  He came out of the kitchen to make his rounds to every table.  I liked this.  He seemed especially joyed to see us, maybe because we were the only Chinese family in there that night?

I really recommend this restaurant.

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