Cafe Sevilla, Downtown San Diego

Since we were down in San Diego, where there is a prominent Mexican population and restaurant scene, I originally wanted to try a Mexican restaurant.  However, some of my companions said that Mexican cuisine smells, so they didn’t want to try it.  So to please everyone, I had to pick something else. I thought Spanish […]

Yogurt Escape @ Coronado Island, San Diego

We took a bus from the ferry station to the hotel earlier (they’re at different ends of the island) and while on the bus, M saw a frozen yogurt shop that her manager has mentioned to her. M made a note for us to visit it on our way back. So after visiting the Hotel […]

Spiro’s Gyros @ Coronado Island, San Diego

Just returned from my trip to San Diego with a bunch of girlfriends, which explains the delay in posting (Boyfriend’s laziness while I was away accounted for that too).  But now I’m back and am armed with a bunch of pictures to show the world!!! Our trip to San Diego was quite jam-packed and hectic.  […]

Empanada Hut @ Lansdowne Mall

Update Apr 10, 2011: This restaurant is now closed. The first time I had authentic Chilean empanadas was earlier this year when I went on a trip to South America.  They sold these things on street-side markets and stalls. My first one however was bought from a convenience store there, instead of off the street.  […]

Tuttimelon Winners!!

So the winners of Eat ‘n About’s first ever contest were chosen!  Names were entered in the order the comments were received. Congratulations to Sherman and Michelle!  You two should receive an email from us very soon. Hope you two enjoy the free topping!

Dim Sum at Golden Sea City 金城

Update: This restaurant has closed. Mom and I haven’t been to dim sum for quite a while since our schedules haven’t been matching up quite as nicely lately. So when a chance finally came we went to one of her favorite places: Golden Sea City. Golden Sea City and its predecessor were favorites of ours.   […]

Burger King: Get ANGRY for $1.40!!

Back again to the Burger King!  After our positive reviews the last couple of times have encouraged us to return once more!  This time the new promotion is the ANGRY SPICY CHICKEN!  There’s an Angry Whopper too!  But tonight, Wendy and I were not too hungry so we just shared one Angry Chicken Sandwich.  Needless […]