Rodney’s Oyster House

After Granville Island Pretty Sis and I went back to Yaletown for some food.  As we weren’t very hungry anymore and it was not yet 6pm, we hurried to Rodney’s for some Lowtide $1.50 oysters. They offer a variety of items from 3-6pm for a lower price.  We were here specifically for the oysters but […]

Vancouver Olympics 2010 Eats Around Town 2

I didn’t end up posting the next day after all…but here’s the rest of it. The next day I visited Granville Island with Pretty Sis.  She wanted to visit The House of Switzerland (not really a house, just Bridges Restaurant offering a few Swiss menu choices), I wanted to visit Atlantic Canada House. First up […]

Vancouver Olympics 2010 Eats Around Town

Wow it’s been a crazy week last week obviously.  If you hadn’t noticed, Vancouver’s hosting the current 2010 Winter Olympics so Boyfriend and I had been around town enjoying the festivities.  After all, we’re two of the many, MANY unofficial sponsors of the games from the province of BC. So that explains the lack of […]

Bubble Queen’s 7 Flavor Mochi

EDIT: Just so anyone’s interested, the hours for Bubble Queen are as follows: M-Thu 2-8pm, F-Sat 2-12am, Sun 2-6pm. If you can’t tell already, my favorite BBT place is Bubble Queen.  Honestly, I’ve had an assortment of drinks from them and I’ve NOT had a miss yet. But it may not be obvious but they […]