Photo of Perverted Ice Cream's "Brand Spanking"

Perverted Ice Cream – Victoria, BC

This is Part 7 of our Victoria Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here!

Update:  This location has permanently closed.

So I guess I took too long to write this post (a year actually!) as this location of Perverted Ice Cream (website) in Victoria has permanently closed.  However their Vancouver downtown location is still open and they offer the same ice cream selections, so this won’t be for naught!

Photo of the storefront of Perverted Ice Cream, Victoria

I recall hearing about Perverted Ice Cream when it first opened but since it was in Downtown, I never made the trek down there, and then I forgot about it.

Then on our walk to the Royal BC Museum, I saw it, got super excited, and decided we must try it on our way back.

Photo of Perverted Ice Cream's "Lemon My F.A.O" and "Brand Spanking"
Sunset lighting

It took me no time to decide on the Lemon My F.A.O. ($7) as I love Lemon Meringue anything.  This creation is made of cream soft serve, lemon sprinkles, toasted marshmallow cream, and a graham cracker.  All in a dark black waffle cone.

The marshmallow cream was toasted to order and was so yummy!  The lemon sprinkles had a tartness to it and altogether with the cream (Vanilla) soft serve made for a winning combination!

Photo of Victoria Harbour at night

I enjoyed Perverted so much that we made another trip down when we took a walk to the beautiful Victoria harbour at night.

Photo of Perverted Ice Cream's "Brand Spanking"

This is the Brand Spanking ($7).  AngryRussian had it last time, and I had it this time.  The official description: Cream x Chocklit Soft Serve, Punk Chocklit Hard Shell, PRVRTD Crumble, Chocklit + Cream Cookie.

This was like an elevated Dairy Queen’s Chocolate Dipped Cone.  I loved everything about this too, as it was full of texture due to the creamy soft serve and the crunchy chocolate shell and sprinkles.  The chocklit hard shell was black and stains your mouth, as does the PRVRTD crumble (which doesn’t really taste like anything, but adds crunch).   This cone is just so interesting that I don’t mind the staining!

Photo of Perverted Ice Cream's "Chi Chi Le Roux"

On this visit AngryRussian picked the Chi Chi Le Roux ($7) which has Cream & Chocklit soft serve, caramel sauce, crushed pretzel, and a salted caramel bon bon.

I found this creation to be just okay, as it seemed less extravagant than the other 2 we tried.  I just wasn’t WOW-ED by the Chi Chi.  This is perhaps why it is no longer available on the menu.

Having said that, I still really enjoyed my visit to Perverted Ice Cream, and when I’m in downtown in the Summer I will definitely think to try them again!

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