Photo of Category 12 Brewing Beer Flight
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Category 12 Brewing – Victoria, BC

Photo of the outside of Category 12 Brewing

There are TONS of craft breweries over in Victoria so that’s right up AngryRussian’s alley!  First stop after arriving into town was Category 12 Brewing!

Photo of a Beer Flight at Category 12 Brewing

As usual we started with a flight to share.  I don’t drink that much beer and AngryRussian gets to try out a bunch before he settles on a pint!  or 2!

Photo of Category 12 Brewing's Crispy Smashed Potatoes

And even though we already had some bites at Sea Cider earlier, I couldn’t help but order some food here.

We got their Crispy Smashed Potatoes ($7) described as their version of Spanish Papas Bravas (or Patatas Bravas), they were served with a smoked paprika aioli.

Presentation and taste was great, however I would’ve like them to be more crispy….and more smashed.

Photo of Category 12 Brewing's Preztel and Bratwurst

The other dish I picked was the Pretzels & Bratwurst ($8).  It was served with their Haus Sausage Bratwurst that’s braised in their Tangental Pilsner.

It was…meh.  The pretzel had the consistency of regular bread than a pretzel…if you get what I mean.  It’s missing that dark chewy outer crust and the insides was very airy and spongey.

And the bratwurst, while it tasted good with strong Pilsner flavor, would’ve benefitted with more time on the grill resulting with a crispier skin.  It was quite chewy and slightly slimy like boiled bratwurst.

It was hit and miss here.  The beers and decor were good but the food was just so-so.  The pricing was affordable though and made for good quick bites with great presentation.

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