Beer Flight - Cannery Brewing
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Cannery Brewing – Penticton, BC

Since we already have vacation time booked and BC has been doing pretty well, we decided to go with some friends to Naramata.

On the way we stopped by Cannery Brewing in Penticton for a break and a bite.  And also a drink.

Beer Flight - Cannery Brewing

We started with a flight ($8) as usual.  I really like their Sunblink Berry Sour and their Radler.

Pretzel Bombs - Cannery Brewing

We haven’t really had lunch so we also ordered two items.  First was the Pretzel Bombs ($12.50).  One order has 4 bombs.

I didn’t really know what to expect, only that I love soft pretzels.  Turns out these were stuffed to the max of ooey, gooey, melty cheese!

Pretzel Bombs - Cannery Brewing

See??  They were also extremely hot and the crust was so crispy.  I wondered if they were deep-fried…

Meat Board - Cannery Brewing

Second item was the Meat Board ($11) and for that price point I was super impressed with the assortment of meats and spreads!

There was prosciutto, salami and a pepperoni of some sort.  The spreads were an onion jam and and a grainy dijon.

All in all, really happy with our selections at Cannery Brewing and the space was so nice!

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Cannery Brewing - Penticton, BC
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