Trader Joe’s Spicy Thai Shrimp Fried Rice Review

Trader Joe's Spicy Thai Shrimp Fried RiceOn a recent trip to the States, Aunt Aggy had recommended a frozen entrée from Trader Joe’s to me.  It’s the Trader Joe’s Spicy Thai Shrimp Fried Rice ($3.99USD I believe….).  She had raved and raved about it so I had to try it.

Trader Joe's Spicy Thai Shrimp Fried Rice - frozen shrimpThe shrimp portion is in a separate baggy from the rice blend portion, probably because they’re raw shrimp.  However they seem to be breaded or something, or at least seasoned.  There were 10 pieces in total, decent sized.

Trader Joe's Spicy Thai Shrimp Fried Rice - Fried Rice blend The rest of the rice blend portion is below.  It looks like chunks of ice but you can clearly see the ingredients and herbs.  Prominently there’s Thai red chili pieces, thai lime leaf, and basil leaf.  Veggie-wise there’s peas, carrots, and baby corn.

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Hee Rae Dung Korean Chinese Restaurant 喜來燈

Hee Rae DungWhen MarathonMan from Calgary came to visit, GRock, L, him and I all went for dinner at Hee Rae Dung, which is a Korean-style Chinese restaurant.  This means, no Korean BBQ, no fear of smelling like it after!

This is a restaurant that MarathonMan’s family, who’s Korean, frequent (he does not speak a word of Korean by the way…just thought I’ll add that in for no reason at all).  And apparently they really like it.  I found out that they have the Korean fried chicken here too!  Which I’ve been meaning to try since my Korea trip with Fannypack last year.  Plus they seem to have a formidable ja jang myun also, so I was uber excited to try this restaurant out.

Hee Rae Dung - interiorHee Rae Dung is a very family-style restaurant as you can see.  In fact, L commented how it’s like  HK-Style cafe and she felt like she should order a Hk-style milk tea.

It’s definitely popular and busy.  We went at 7:30pm and it was still pretty packed, although we didn’t have to wait too long for a table for 5.

Hee Rae Dung - banchan The only “banchan” served here is raw onions and pickled daikon.  In the middle is a small portion of black bean sauce used for dipping the onion in.  It helps to cut the bite raw onions have.

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JJ Bean

I’ve heard about JJ Bean from GRock a while ago, and I didn’t really know what the fuss was.  More googling however got me intrigued about their mocha, as it seems like they make the best one in town.

JJ Bean - Stout Braised Beef SandwichMy first visit was to the Main Street location, I didn’t try their mocha, as I went their for lunch I thought I’d splurge on food instead.  I got the Stout Braised Beef Sandwich (~$9) which came with a little salad, which I thought was a nice touch.  I wonder if I had gotten it to-go, whether the salad would’ve come with.  Dining in, they also heat up the sandwich on a panini press.

Temperature-wise, the sandwich should’ve been on the press longer…as the beef in the middle was still kind of chilly.  I would say though that there was a decent amount of stout-braised beef from Two Rivers in between the rye ciabatta bun.  There was also supposed to be tomato chutney, arugula and horseradish mayo, but really since there was so much meat, the only other thing I could taste was the arugula.

JJ Bean - False CreekOn another visit, I decided to take Fannypack to the False Creek location after a morning run in that area.

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Food Cart Fest Vancouver

One of my running days with Fannypack is on Sundays.  It just so happens that every Sunday, there’s a Food Cart Fest Vancouver held at the Olympic Village.  So naturally we made plans to go after our weekly Sunday morning run.

Food Cart Fest VancouverIt costs $2 to enter unless you’re a certain demographic (Vancity member or food donation). Outside the gate they’ve posted a chalkboard of the vendors of the day.

Food Cart Fest Vancouver - Guanaco TruckI was excited to see that Guanaco Truck was going to be here, as I’ve been wanting to try their pupusas ever since I’ve first tried pupusas at the Surrey Fusion Fest a few years back.

Guanaco - Chicharron Pupusa PlatterI decided to get the Chicharron Pupusa Platter ($10). It came with their pupusa, which is a handmade tortilla filled with my choice of pork, with vegetables, cheese, loroco (a small unopened vine flower bud from Central America. Loroco tastes similar to chard, or a cross between mild broccoli and squash with light nutty overtones), and refried black beans; curtido (pickled slaw) and salsa de tomate (fresh tomato sauce).  Also there was yucca fries. Continue reading


ShishinoriFannypack and I have been at a running club for 3 weeks now, so we’ve been up and down a specific section of the Cambie strip for a while.  Now we’ve noticed a little new Japanese restaurant called Shishinori serving Japanese style cafe-ish food.  So we set a date to have dinner after one of our runs.

Shishinori - interiorShishinori has a pretty small interior but they did manage to squeeze in an ample amount of seating.  Come sunset though, most of the seats do get the sun in the face.

Shishinori - Wild Salmon Paradise BowlThere was so much to choose from.  I did finally manage to choose the Wild Salmon Paradise Bowl ($10.50) and made it a combo for $2.50 more.  Actually, originally I wanted to get their Matcha Ice Cream Float with Mochi but was sadly informed that they’re cleaning out their soft serve machine…so no dice =( and settled for the combo instead.

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