Lam Hoa Quan

Dee introduced me to the only Northern-style Vietnamese pho restaurant in Vancouver, and that’s Lam Hoa Quan.  He finally took me there and really was different. The interior was nothing fancy obviously, but it was orderly and actually quite spacious to me.  The server was a young, made-up lady that spoke perfect English.  So there […]

Pinky’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Lounge

Update: This restaurant is now closed. The night we had dinner at Pinky’s was during the Olympics.  As expected, anywhere else from the Downtown core has very little business during those two weeks, doesn’t matter what day of the week. Pinky’s, being in Kitsilano, was no exception.  We were probably the 3rd table there that […]

Old Bavaria Haus

Wendy and I don’t usually eat out with others.  Probably because my schedule is pretty messed and it’s already tough enough to go out with Wendy!  So it was a pretty night to be on a ‘triple date’ with a very good buddy and his girlfriend and another couple of whom were his friends.  The […]

Shoyu & Tan Tan Ramen @ Menya

And so again, Wendy and I head out to Vancouver to visit more Olympic sights and see if there were any more Migas, Quatchi, MukMuk items for sale.  On our way there, we wanted to visit Copa Restaurant since we’ve heard good stuff about it.  Ironically, it’s because of the Olympics that parking on Cambie […]