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Pinky’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Lounge

Update: This restaurant is now closed.

The night we had dinner at Pinky’s was during the Olympics.  As expected, anywhere else from the Downtown core has very little business during those two weeks, doesn’t matter what day of the week.

Pinky’s, being in Kitsilano, was no exception.  We were probably the 3rd table there that whole night.

Which was fine with us.

Pinky's Steakhouse

It’s actually a very nicely decorated restaurant.  Very modern, albeit a bit dark.  I imagine it can get quite noisy here since it is still kind of small, and the bar is right in the middle of it all.

Pinky's Steakhouse: yazuka

I started off with the Yazuka ($9), which is a Sake blended drink with lychee and peach schnapps.

It came smaller than I already expected.  The glass doesn’t even look full.  Oh well.  It was refreshing and of course, peachy.  I did have to savor every drop though.

Pinky's Steakhouse: House Salad

We ordered two appetizers to start.  We figured that since we’re at a steakhouse (this was one of those steakhouses where when you order a steak, it ONLY comes with that steak, plus an onion ring), we need to get some fiber intake somewhere.  So one of our appies was a salad.

Mom and PS originally wanted the Caesar salad, but I voted against it since it’s actually not very healthy for you.  I asked that we had the House Salad instead which was served with blue cheese, pecans and cranberries.  I love any salad with cranberries.  And blue cheese.  This was very good.

Pinky's Steakhouse: Cheese Toast

The other appy was the Cheese Toast.  We absolutely adore Hy’s version so we had great expectations for this one.  Now this wasn’t bad but it just wasn’t Hy’s.  The bread wasn’t as thick, and the cheese not as fragrant and pungent.

But we still did love this though, after all, who doesn’t love melted cheese on bread?

Pinky's Steakhouse: Ladies Cut 6oz Filet Mignon

Mom and PS both ordered the Ladies Cut 6oz Filet Mignon ($21) (did you know that meant “Millionaire’s Filet Cut”?), which was a decent size.  As previously mentioned, it came with the steak itself and an onion ring.

Pinky's Steakhouse: Ladies Cut 6oz Filet Mignon

Although looked small, it was actually more than enough for them.  The meat was very melt-in-your-mouth tender and juicy, done a perfect medium rare as requested.

And at $21, I thought this was a good price with this cut of beef, as an 8oz filet mignon would run you around $30+ at places like Hy’s and Gotham.

Pinky's Steakhouse: Yam Fries

The Yam Fries were a side order.  They were a nice touch, but I do wonder why more places, when they make yam fries, the fries are short little stubs.

Pinky's Steakhouse: Pinky's BBQ Baby Back Ribs

As for me I had the Pinky’s BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($24).  It was very, very good.  I usually don’t enjoy bbq sauce but this one wasn’t too sour or salty.  The meat again was very juicy and tender, and there were lots of it.

Overall, very satisfied and would definitely be back~

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