Avocado Pound Cake Recipe a la Joy the Baker

Over the weekend I was finally able to meet up with LockerBud to bake the Avocado Pound Cake from a recipe he found from Joy the Baker‘s blog.  When he brought up the recipe/idea, I immediately said YES as I am a big, BIG fan of avocado.  I also invited GRock along for the ride […]

Laziza Modern Mediterranean – A Tasting Event

Update: This restaurant is now called Bellaggio Laziza Restaurant. I was fortunate enough to be among some fellow bloggers invited to a tasting event held by a new-ish Mediterranean restaurant on Davie – Laziza. Just to give a bit of background on the restaurant, according to the press release, the menu is inspired by the […]

Okonomiyaki Kinoya 花の屋- Kyoto, Japan

Our first dinner in Kyoto was something I very much anticipated.  It was Okonomiyaki お好み焼!!  If you don’t know what okonomiyaki is, click here. Okonomiyaki Kinoya 花の屋 was located directly across from our hotel “Super Hotel” (which was a really good hotel by the way).  The prices seemed reasonable and it looked authentic so we […]

Random Eats – Kyoto

Honestly, while in Japan, I never went into a meal or ate anything because I was hungry.  It was more because I HAD to eat it because I’m IN FREAKIN’ JAPAN.  It may be a while before I come back so I needed to eat everything I wanted to eat. Which will explain the insane […]

Cavalia @ Olympic Village, Vancouver

I interrupt the Japan Tour programming to bring you a review on “Cavalia“, a Cirque-esque equestrian show, created by one of the original founders of Cirque-du-soleil, now playing in Vancouver.  It’s probably about time I did something with the “ ‘n About” part of my blog huh… Our show was last night and we had […]