Random Eats – Kyoto

Honestly, while in Japan, I never went into a meal or ate anything because I was hungry.  It was more because I HAD to eat it because I’m IN FREAKIN’ JAPAN.  It may be a while before I come back so I needed to eat everything I wanted to eat.

Which will explain the insane amount of food pictures I took.  It would be too much of a hassle to do separate posts on each thing so I’ve decided that, for some of them, they’ll be by day.

T's Cafe Kyoto

Before we headed off to Kyoto, we found a little cafe just across from our Shin-Osaka hotel.  After taking a look at their menu outside, we decided to have breakfast here.

T's Cafe Kyoto: Japanese coffee

T's Cafe Kyoto: Egg & Cheese toast

Again I must reiterate- Japanese coffee is damn good.

Anyways for my breakfast I chose the Egg & Cheese toast.  It came with a salad of sorts.

Japanese bread is notorious for being soft, fluffy, chewy, and this was no different.  It was thickly sliced and topped with chunky scrambled eggs, ketchup, and cheese.  It was simple and so good.  I’ll probably try to make this at home.GIANT replica of a Meiji chocolate bar

Then it was off to Kyoto!  This picture was taken on the way while on the train.  I think it’s the Meiji Chocolate factory as that’s a GIANT replica of a Meiji chocolate bar!!!

Doutor Coffee: Matcha Lattes w/ Black Sugar syrup swirl

After settling our luggage at our hotel, we were on our way to Kyoto Train Station from some shopping.  But before we got too far, we stopped for some Matcha Lattes w/ Black Sugar syrup swirl at Doutor Coffee.  This is a chain store all over Japan much like Starbucks (which was everywhere there too).  I found that coffee prices at these establishments are comparable to here, only their portions are smaller.

Porta, Kyoto Station: mochi balls

Porta, Kyoto Station: mochi balls

Anyways back to Kyoto Station.  Here they have an underground shopping district called “Porta”.  It is basically like a shopping mall.  But underground.

These were from a bakery there.  They are mochi-like balls which are super yum.  I first had these in Hong Kong many years ago, and back then they were only available in one specific bakery.  So obviously I was very excited to find these.

I got 3 flavors – Sakura (a theme for Spring time), Honey Lemon, and Green Tea.  My favorite one was the Honey Lemon.

They were chewy  yet crunchy.  Inside is a paste of the same flavor.  I had quite a bit of these types while I was in Japan.

Porta, Kyoto Station: display menus

Porta, Kyoto Station: display menus

For those of you that don’t know, all the restaurants have these very very realistic plastic replicas of their menu on their storefront.  So even if you can’t read Japanese, you can just point and pick and choose.  And I must say, these displays work VERY, very well to get your saliva flowing.

Porta, Kyoto Station: storefront

Porta, Kyoto Station: kanten jelly noodles in green tea syrup

Which is why we went in here to have this dessert.  It’s kanten jelly noodles in green tea syrup (SO fragrant), topped with chunky red bean paste, green tea rice balls, and green tea ice cream.  This was interestingly served with chopsticks for the noodles!  Super yum and refreshing.

After that, we were still able to look at food.  We went into the food court section of Isetan to browse.  There you can see things like these.

Porta, Kyoto Station: macarons

Porta, Kyoto Station: Macarons

Morodoff: Cherry Pudding Sakura

Oh ya that thing above?  I got that ;P  You’ll see~

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