Macau Cafe at Parker Place 澳門街

Once in a while, I get a hankering for some good old Hong Kong comfort food.  These foods come in the form of fried noodles, congee, baked spaghetti, etc., just a smorgasbord of items all accompanied by ice-cold Hong Kong style milk tea, coffee, or a mix of both (a wonderful invention from my culture).  […]

Bourbon St Grill

If you’ve been by the new Richmond Center food court, you’ve probably been accosted by the hawkers at Bourbon Street Grill.  Apparently it’s a franchise, and Coquitlam Center got theirs first, but for Wendy and I it was a new experience and based on their friendly staff and abundant samples we picked it as the […]

Xi’An Cuisine 西安小吃 @ Richmond Public Market

Richmond Public Market is probably one of the worst managed “shopping centres” in the Lower Mainland.  It kinda reminds me of a wet market in Hong Kong where you’re sure that’s rodents and other things scurrying right under your feet.  The lower level tenants probably has it the worst.  They had to put up tarp […]

Mazazu Crepe

Last Friday happened to be the grand opening of two new eateries at Aberdeen Centre: Mazazu Crepe and Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle.  We didn’t mean to go to either place but while having dinner at the food court (we had our favorite Laksa!).  I saw the lineup at Mazazu Crepe and originally I wasn’t […]

Empanada Hut @ Lansdowne Mall

Update Apr 10, 2011: This restaurant is now closed. The first time I had authentic Chilean empanadas was earlier this year when I went on a trip to South America.  They sold these things on street-side markets and stalls. My first one however was bought from a convenience store there, instead of off the street.  […]

Red Persimmon Taiwanese Cuisine

Despite the horrible parking conditions at Crystal Mall, it is still one of my favorite places to go for lunch when I’m at work.  It’s a good thing we always have lunch early so the conditions aren’t TOO too bad. There’s so many options here that I find it hard to choose a place.  Finally […]

Cafe D’Lite Express

Last week, the weather in Vancouver became unbearingly hot (to me and Wendy!).  Most homes in Vancouver are not equipped with air conditioners so that makes things worse than other locations elsewhere that receive more annual sunshine.  Fans and A/Cs were being swept off shelves during these times.  I couldn’t even go buy a fan […]

Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich

GRock’s birthday was yesterday and to celebrate we all went out for lunch at work.  He didn’t have a particular place in mind but he chose Wendy’s in the end ‘cuz he felt like having a Frosty. In the end I chose the Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo ($7.02 with tax) even though I was weary […]

Taco Luis @ Lansdowne Mall

I think Taco Luis at the food court at Lansdowne Mall is pretty famous, particularily to the students at Kwantlen College (it even has a fan page on Facebook).  It’s with good reason, it has big portions and small prices.  Boyfriend frequented the place during his days at Kwantlen. He must’ve frequent it very very […]