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Peanut’s Bubble Tea 花生米

Peanuts Bubble Tea

On the topic of Richmond Public Market (RPM), it’s also home to one of the earliest and original bubble tea places in Richmond/Lower Mainland.

Peanuts is also located at the food court of RPM.  I’ve been visiting this place since my high school years when it first opened.  They had a modest menu back then and also modest decor.  Honestly it’s not the best tasting bbt I’ve had (a lot of hits and misses) but they’re probably one of the cheapest.  I remember at the time their bbt’s were all $2.99 including pearls (or whatever assortment of add-ins you want, all for not extra charge), with a great assortment of flavors.  And for high school students, that was a steal.  I remember always coming out during lunch to get one, and that’ll be all we’ll have for lunch~

Peanuts Bubble Tea: Caramel Crystal Milk Tea

But like I said, they’re not the greatest tasting bbts.  In fact to this day, I don’t like how their pearls taste.  Too mushy and bland for me.  So for the longest time I’ll only come to have their different types of drinks, such as their Caramel Pudding Milk Tea with a real Japanese-style caramel pudding ($4.50), or their Caramel Crystal Milk Tea ($3.50) which has caramel-flavored konjac jelly.

Above is the latter.  It’s cheap and delicious.  We love the distinct chewiness of the jelly.

Their Yogurt-based drinks are awesome too.  It’s actually yogurt based (they used to serve frozen yogurt here) and not the usual Calpico-based.  Having said that, I haven’t had that for a while and since they no longer serve froyo, maybe it’s changed….

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