Taco Luis @ Lansdowne Mall

I think Taco Luis at the food court at Lansdowne Mall is pretty famous, particularily to the students at Kwantlen College (it even has a fan page on Facebook).  It’s with good reason, it has big portions and small prices.  Boyfriend frequented the place during his days at Kwantlen. He must’ve frequent it very very […]

Let’s Go for Dinner and Aquarium! Part 2: Zin

Update: Zin Restaurant has closed. Look familiar? We planned to have dinner in Downtown after our trip to the Aquarium since we were going to be in the neighbourhood anyways.  We chose Zin Restaurant Lounge because I’ve heard of their $2 appys from 4-7pm.  They’re also a participant of the letsgofordinner.com “promotion”. It’s located on […]

Let’s Go for Dinner and Aquarium! Part 1

There must be something in the water here in Richmond.  Just as Ben was blogging about the letsgofordinner.com loyalty card, I was preparing this post.  Richmond-ers must think alike. Anyways, our day was more like “let’s go to Aquarium then dinner”.  This marks the first post where we blog about something else other than eating, […]

Shanghai River 滬江

When it comes to Shanghai food, it can range from quite economical to quite expensive. Shanghai River is supposed to fall onto the latter.  But it didn’t seem to deter people from going there.  There was a small group waiting for seats as we got in.  Because Wendy and I are the rare ‘couple’ to […]

Aberdeen Centre Food Court Quickie

Nothing like grabbing a quick snack at the food court when you are starving. Fast, cheap, goes down fast and hopefully not-so-fast out. Wendy and I decided to pay a trip to Aberdeen Centre’s food court. I believe this is probably the best Asian food court, not because of the food offerings, but because of […]

Chiffon Again

Update: This restaurant is now closed. The gang and I had an outing to do a photoshoot last weekend.  It was quite sunny that day so by the end of it we were exhausted, hungry, and hot.  M mentioned during the shoot that she would love to have a cup of bubble tea in her […]

Sushi Garden

Feeling like sushi, so I dragged L with me after work for some.  She recommended Sushi Garden in Burnaby, as it was close to our work.  It’s supposedly good and cheap food. We expected it to be busy and it was, but the wait wasn’t too bad.  5-10 minutes only.  It was a good idea […]

Orange Julius Free Smoothie Day

I’ve posted the link to their website for downloading of the coupon.  But by 1pm today that specific page has been taken down.  I was worried.  I thought they’re globally ran out of the drinks haha. I thought the lineup would be bad but it was alright, didn’t have to wait too long, probably cuz […]

Marble Slab Again

OH YEAH!  Summer is nothing but an excuse for….wait for it…. ICE CREAM!  Nothing gets me going like a 2-for-1, BUY 1 GET 1 coupon!  Needless to say, Wendy and I were pretty excited to head to Marble Slab once again.  We were really headed for Walmart, but Marble Slab was definite on our minds […]

7th Heaven Cafe 七重天

Update: This restaurant is now closed. As we’ve said before, the staff of Boston Steakhouse has migrated to Seventh Heaven in Aberdeen. Not sure what the reason for the move was though. Anyways, continuing with my HK-style Milk Tea craving as of late, Boyfriend took me to Seventh Heaven. It has quite a unique decor.  […]