Orange Julius Free Smoothie Day

I’ve posted the link to their website for downloading of the coupon.  But by 1pm today that specific page has been taken down.  I was worried.  I thought they’re globally ran out of the drinks haha.

Orange Julius Free Smoothie Day

I thought the lineup would be bad but it was alright, didn’t have to wait too long, probably cuz they’ve pre-made a bunch.

Orange Julius: Pom-Berry smoothie

I had the Pom-Berry. It came full-size, I was surprised.

However taste-wise, it was just okay.  Not sure if it’s due to the fact it’s a “light” smoothie, it tasted aspartame-y to me.  Not a fan of that.

Did you get your free drink on today??

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  1. Yup! I had the same pom berry at the Richmond Centre OJ’s. I went at around lunch time and the line up was actually very light. Only a couple of persons in front of me.

    Then I went over to A&W to see if they are participating in free root beer float promotion thats scheduled for today as well. The girl behind the counter said no. So I shrugged my shoulder and left.

  2. No, I forgot, but it seems it may not have been worth the trouble.

    I haven’t had one of the drinks in a long time because I find it has too much sugar compared to real fruit bbt.

    Have you been to the Little Sweetea House on Fraser near 41st yet? They make their smoothies with real fruit flavoured ice cream. Yum.

  3. well OJ always premake there drinks,. whichis kinda gross. so i never drink there. not to mention none of there fruits (besides orange and carrot) are actually fresh and the carrot is pretty dam gross.

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