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Marble Slab Again

Marble Slab coupon

OH YEAH!  Summer is nothing but an excuse for….wait for it…. ICE CREAM!  Nothing gets me going like a 2-for-1, BUY 1 GET 1 coupon!  Needless to say, Wendy and I were pretty excited to head to Marble Slab once again.  We were really headed for Walmart, but Marble Slab was definite on our minds for another visit.

Marble Slab Circus ice cream

My selection for today would be the Circus-Something.  Yes, we actually forgot what the name was!!!  No worries, when you go there, there will be sticker on the sneeze guard that lets you know what ‘special’ options are available.  Judging from how it’s made, it involves the Cotton Candy ice cream (it sure does taste like it!), gummy bears (which are very HARD to chew on because they were half-frozen, and a scoop of mini-marshmallows.  The latter was quite chewy, either from being buried in the ice cream or just stale – either way, it was delicious!

Marble Slab Birthday Cake ice cream

Wendy got the Birthday Cake ice cream along with one of their “NEW” toppings: Ding Dongs!  I found it be very sweet and brought a smile to my face as it made me reminisce the days when I was a child.  Wendy, on the other, found it TOO SWEET (JEEZ!) so she didn’t like it too much.  But she liked MY choice (for once).

So all in all, another cool visit (pardon the pun) to the Marble Slab. We found that their ice cream flavors are very good representations of the intended imitated item.  Good dessert, good customer service and a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE coupon!  I look forward to my next visit to the Queensborough area.

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    1. The coupon was from the 2009 Entertainment Book. You can get it now for about $15 (if not less) including shipping. It’s a good deal! Get it!

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