Let’s Go For Dinner: r.tl

Update Aug 3, 2013: This restaurant is now closed. It has been a while since I’ve been to r.tl.  I was first introduced to this restaurant when they held a foodie night early last year.  I had a good impression of the place but never got the chance to go back until now, as my […]

The Cannery Seafood Restaurant est. 1971

Update Dec 20, 2010: This restaurant is now closed. One of the more famous restaurants in Vancouver is closing up shop soon due to its lease ending. I have heard about this restaurant for years but never had the opportunity to go. It is fantastic that I get to share this experience with Wendy in […]

Xi’An Cuisine 西安小吃 @ Richmond Public Market

Richmond Public Market is probably one of the worst managed “shopping centres” in the Lower Mainland.  It kinda reminds me of a wet market in Hong Kong where you’re sure that’s rodents and other things scurrying right under your feet.  The lower level tenants probably has it the worst.  They had to put up tarp […]

Beef Noodle @ Well Tea

Wendy and I have been crazing Taiwanese food for some time.  We really wanted to go back to Well Tea for their Beef Noodle and hot pots!  Recently, Wendy tried the Hot Pot seafood with Soy Milk from Pearl Castle but she reported that it was rather bland.  We thought that perhaps Well Tea can […]

Felicos Greek Restaurant

Happy New Year, y’all!  I hope everyone had a fantastic time during the crossover to the 2010.  I had the opportunity to visit Felicos on the last day of 2009.  It was a small gathering my family and a couple of family friends.  We did not know where to go until my mom brought it […]

Society Dining Lounge

Update: This restaurant has closed. Do these symbols together conjure up a specific place or restaurant?  Well Glowbal Group certainly hopes so, as it’s the marketing strategy for their new venture in Yaletown, Society. Eat ‘n About was sent an invitation to partake in the Grand Opening Media Access party a while ago.  And it […]

Aoyama Cafe

Update Jan 8, 2014: This restaurant is now closed. For O’s birthday she wanted to eat at the new Aoyama Cafe at Aberdeen Centre.  They advertise that they serve the Japanese brand of UCC Coffee’s, and that the LA branch was voted top 5 coffee shops over there.  Naturally, all of this makes you think […]

Guu Aberdeen 2

Pretty Sis and I went out for dinner with Mom again at Guu Aberdeen.  I’ve also recently downloaded a new app onto my phone which will explain the effects on the pictures.  I hope it’s not too distracting or ruining for your viewing pleasure but I really like it! Anyways, back to the food.  Among […]