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Beef Noodle @ Well Tea

Wendy and I have been crazing Taiwanese food for some time.  We really wanted to go back to Well Tea for their Beef Noodle and hot pots!  Recently, Wendy tried the Hot Pot seafood with Soy Milk from Pearl Castle but she reported that it was rather bland.  We thought that perhaps Well Tea can make a version of that.

Well Tea: Beef Noodle (Spicy version)

The Beef Noodle (Spicy version) arrives!  It smelled so darn good….

Well Tea: Beef Noodle (Spicy version)

Here’s a close up! I quickly snatched my spoon to have a taste of the soup base.  I was blown away at how rich the flavor was.  It was the BEST soup base I have had for a Beef Noodle.  It had a really strong flavor and yet not too salty and also with a tinge of spiciness.  The noodle quality was good as usual and the Beef Briskets were tender and easy to chew.  Thumbs up!  WAY UP!!

Well Tea: Soy Milk hot pot

The Soy Milk hot pot was not my first choice.  I really wanted the normal milk version instead.  However, for our readers, we will compare the Well Tea version with Pearl Castle’s.   It was rather bland.  Quite disappointing.  At first, I thought it was because of the rich beef flavor that overpowered my tastebuds.  But as time went by, the soup did not get any tastier.  The “toppings” inside were good but the Soy Milk had almost no taste. We are 0 for 2 for this one.

Well Tea: Green Apple Yogurt drink

Wendy developed a fondness for the Green Apple Yogurt drink.  She has ordered it more times than I can remember in the past 2 months.  Today, we were in the mood for trying things and went with the Passionfruit instead.  I can, without hesitation, tell our readers that the Green Apple is still the better choice.  As good as the passionfruit is, green apple suits this drink the best.

Well Tea has a pretty good record for us in their quality of food and service.  We will return again to try other things on the menu! Stay tuned!

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