Felicos Greek Restaurant

Happy New Year, y’all!  I hope everyone had a fantastic time during the crossover to the 2010.  I had the opportunity to visit Felicos on the last day of 2009.  It was a small gathering my family and a couple of family friends.  We did not know where to go until my mom brought it up during midday.  Since I have not been there before (despite driving past it a million times), I thought “heck, why not?!”

The first thing I liked about the place was that it had sufficient parking in the back.  It was a chilly, drizzling night and entering the ‘tavern’ was warm and welcoming.  We made reservations and were quickly escorted to our seats.  Being that the lighting is relative low in the restaurant, I only managed to take a picture of three separate entrees.   We did, however, order some Bellini’s and Virgin Cocktails to start off but no appies.

Felicos Greek Restaurant: Seafood Sautee

My father ordered the Seafood Sautee.  The sauce had a strong aroma which gave life to the rather ordinary selections of seafood and rice.  The seafood ‘collection’ included some fish, scallops and crab meat.  I think it was alright but probably would not order again.

Felicos Greek Restaurant: Rack of Lamb

I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures.  It was pretty dim, Wendy wasn’t there and I had to use my dad’s iPhone.  Anyways, my mother tried the Rack of Lamb.  It had about 7 ‘racks’ of lamb served along with the usual asparagus, carrot and mashed potatoes (same as my dad and myself, btw).  The lamb was roasted and had a nice seasoning cover the seared skin.  It was done ‘medium-rare’, so it was very juicy and carried quite a bit of taste as I chewed through it (yes, I took some!).  Great stuff!

Felicos Greek Restaurant: AAA Alberta Rib Eye Steak

I had the AAA Alberta Rib Eye Steak.  It was made medium rare.  I was very surprised as to how good it was.  It was tender and juicy throughout except for the parts where there was a lot of fatty tissue where I don’t usually cut.  It was a good 8oz and I was pretty stuffed by the end of it.  One small complaint I had was that it was not as warm as I like it to be.  Perhaps they left it out too long while waiting for the rest of the food to be ready.  A good call, however, on ordering this.

All in all, a good visit just in time for 2010.  I hope that all our readers will have a wonderful 2010!

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