Nordstrom’s ebar (Espresso Bar)

Whenever Boyfriend and I go to Lynnwood, if we happen to go to Alderwood Mall where there’s a Nordstrom, I have to get something from their ebar. It’s much like Starbucks/Blenz/Second Cup.  The prices are similar, even the layout is similar.  My favorite drink here is their Italian Soda which comes with cream and whipped […]

Mallard Ice Cream

Wendy and I spent another day in the Evergreen State looking for pre-Black Friday sales.  It was a fun filled day with good food and plenty of shopping gifts for ourselves.  To wrap it all up, we took the exit on 253 to give Mallard a try.  Wendy actually suggested it twice before but we […]

Sushi Hachi 鮨八 Richmond

Sushi Hachi is one of those local gems that has received lots of rave reviews due to their homely atmosphere, and simple, comfort food that is familiar to Japanese and non-Japanese alike. They have the staples of Japanese cuisine that’s known and loved all over, like California Rolls, Cones, Tempura, and the more adventurous, authentically […]

Sensus Bistro: Pork Cartilage Ramen

Update Jan 28, 2011: This restaurant is now closed. As I said before the next dish I wanted to try at Sensus Bistro was the Pork Cartilage Ramen.  I finally got the chance to try it. This was $7.95 and it’s quite a large portion size.  The soup looks flavorful and it was, it didn’t […]

Menya Japanese Noodle

Again Boyfriend and I may be late to the bandwagon but we finally visited Menya one day for lunch/brunch.  But boy-oh-boy I never expected traffic to be so congested on a Tuesday noon hour on Broadway.  Parking was hard to find! We made it anyways, and was glad that there were plenty of seats available.  […]

Tapioca Express

Update Jul 2, 2013: This restaurant is now closed. I’ve been going to Tapioca Express since I was in high school.  I haven’t been there very often since but I know for a fact that some of the guys I knew in high school that haven’t seem to have gone forward with their lives (harsh […]

Guu Aberdeen

Dinner at Guu!  Woohoo!  However, it’s only the one at Aberdeen, and I think that one has a reputation for not being up to par with the Downtown ones.  However, this was back at the time before the Canada Line was finished, we didn’t want to go drive all the way there, we settled for […]

ShuRaku Sake Bar and Bistro

For Fannypack’s birthday dinner, I chose for us to head to Downtown via the Canada Line.  It’s convenient and since Fannypack and O haven’t been on it before, I thought it’ll be fun. My restaurant choice that night was ShuRaku Japanese Bistro. Just get off at Vancouver City Centre Station and walk 1.5 blocks and […]

Chapinlandia Guatemalan Restaurant

Update: This restaurant is now closed. Wendy and I really enjoy coming to Washington States many times a year.  One is to get away from the city, and more importantly, we love the deals that can be found at the malls and outlets!  We also get to try things that are not available back home […]