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Nordstrom’s ebar (Espresso Bar)

Nordstrom's ebar

Whenever Boyfriend and I go to Lynnwood, if we happen to go to Alderwood Mall where there’s a Nordstrom, I have to get something from their ebar.

It’s much like Starbucks/Blenz/Second Cup.  The prices are similar, even the layout is similar.  My favorite drink here is their Italian Soda which comes with cream and whipped cream.  Lately I’ve been omitting the whip for obvious reasons, but I always have to have the half-and-half in it.

Nordstrom's ebar: Pomegranate Lemonade and Peach Italian Soda

This time though, I didn’t get the Italian Soda.  Instead, I got the Pomegranate Lemonade while Boyfriend got the Peach Italian Soda (I think it’s cuz he knows I like it).  The lemonade was alright.  It was refreshing after a day of shopping and light, slightly tart.  But the italian soda was AWESOME.  The peach syrup was amazingly good, almost like eating a real peach.  I was really happy with Boyfriend’s choice.  Usually when I order this I get the Raspberry flavor but I think this will be my new favorite.

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Nordstrom's ebar
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  1. I have never shopped at Alderwood Mall but have heard good things about it. Now the italian soda may be an added incentive.

    ps Have you been to Bellevue mall, and if so which do you prefer? Bellevue mall has Red Mango, which I am absolutely crazy about.

    1. I personally enjoy Alderwood Mall much much more. I have been to Bellevue Mall and honestly not many of the stores enticed me. I found it rather boring and not worth the trip. I did try Red Mango there but that was way back before we had the Qoola’s and Tuttimelon’s, so now there’s not even that incentive for me to go anymore!

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