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Trattoria Burnaby

Trattoria is one of many of Glowbal group’s ventures.  The original location is in Vancouver but they’ve expanded to a second location in Burnaby for a few years now.  AngryRussian and I decided to go for their “Tratt Tuesday” which means any of their pastas for $13!

Trattoria - Limoncello & Peach Mojito
Limoncello & Peach Mojito

We made it in time for Trattoria’s “cocktail hour” which runs daily from 2:30pm to 6:00pm.  One of the drink specials was the delicious Limoncello & Peach Mojito ($5) made with white rum, limoncello, peaches, mint, and soda.  It was really refreshing and the price made it all the more delicious!

Trattoria - Sicilian Calamari
Sicilian Calamari

Also off the “cocktail hour” menu was the Sicilian Calamari ($9.95) with spicy tomato sauce.  I LOVE  that the calamari was in strips and not rings.  The were a tad spongy but not too bad.  Loved the coating and the slight spiciness.  We downed this pretty quick.

Trattoria - Brussel Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts

Most of the time we can’t pass up brussel sprouts on the menu and this time wasn’t any different!  The Brussel Sprouts ($7.95) with lemon, capers, chillies, parmigiano-reggiano was hot and crispy.  Portion was huge too.

Trattoria - Short Rib Pappardelle
Short Rib Pappardelle

AngryRussian had the Short Rib Pappardelle (regularly $19.95) with braised short ribs, pine nuts, wild mushrooms, café au lait sauce.  The pasta was a good al dente and the short ribs were tender and moist and there were loads of it.  There was also loads of pine nuts!  Server will ask if you want fresh grated parmesan and I don’t see why anyone would say no!

Trattoria - Linguine Vongole
Linguine Vongole

I had the Linguine Vongole (regularly $22.95) made with clams, blistered tomatoes, fresh herbs, and white wine.  The noodles were slippery and the clams were sweet and succulent with a slight chew.  It was simple but hit just the right spot for me.

We had some solid pasta and food choices tonight and really enjoyed our dinner a lot.  We hope to be back soon.

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