Photo of Kissa Tanto Vancouver's - Octopus Salad

Birthday Dinner at Kissa Tanto Restaurant – Vancouver, BC

For my birthday dinner this year, AngryRussian took me to Kissa Tanto in Vancouver to celebrate. Kissa Tanto does Japanese/Italian fusion cuisine and while I’m usually weary of fusion, upon inspecting the menu I decided this would be a unique experience! First drinks!  I ordered the Midori Sour ($14) as I love melon flavor and egg whites always makes […]

Two pizzas from Real Things Pizza in Naramata, BC

Real Things Pizza – Naramata, BC

We decided to take it easy on the first night of our Naramata stay and ordered pizza delivery from Real Things Pizza.  Their website is basic but kooky, their “Meet Our Employees” page is especially interesting!  Their worker base seems to either be entirely made up of kids or there’s something in the water here that makes adults look […]

Brunetti Pizza - Meatball Pizza

Brunetti Pizza – New York

This is Part 10 of our New York Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here! Our last pizza adventure was at Brunetti Pizza in the West Village (great score of 8.2 on the app). Brunetti is a cool little Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant, with a front and back patio (we sat in the front along the sidewalk), that cooks 20 pizza varieties in their […]

Rose's Pizza - New York

Majestic Pizza & Rose’s Pizza – New York

This is Part 9 of our New York Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here! Wendy: AngryRussian continues his review of New York Pizza! The next two places we tried were of the more traditional “slice” experience whereby the pies are already cooked and served from behind a counter- Majestic Pizza and Calzone, and Rose’s Pizza and […]

La Villetta - New York

La Villetta – New York

This is Part 1 of our New York Food Adventures!  Check out the rest here! Recently AngryRussian and I headed to New York to attend the wedding of one his best friends.  Needless to say to were pretty excited for this trip and promptly researched places to eat when we’re there.  AngryRussian received a recommendation […]

Trattoria Burnaby - Linguine Vongole

Trattoria Burnaby

Trattoria is one of many of Glowbal group’s ventures.  The original location is in Vancouver but they’ve expanded to a second location in Burnaby for a few years now.  AngryRussian and I decided to go for their “Tratt Tuesday” which means any of their pastas for $13! We made it in time for Trattoria’s “cocktail […]

La Terrazza

Dine Out Vancouver 2017: La Terrazza

La Terrazza had been on my list of restaurant to try for a few years now and I’ve never gotten around to it until now!  This was our second $40 Dine Out pick and last of AngryRussian and my four dine outs…I have one more to go with my parents…yes I went crazy this year. La […]

Campagnolo - Ricotta Gnudi


A lot of my dining choices have to do with Masterchef.  The choice to go to Campagnolo was no exception.  In one episode, the challenge was to make gnudi, which is a ricotta-based gnocchi-like Italian dish, except there’s no potatoes in it.  I’ve never heard of gnudi before and it sounded delicious, so off to Google I […]

Squid Ink Pasta with Garlic Prawns and Fiddleheads

Having been at the EAT! Vancouver festival for all three days, I was able to curate a lot of goodies from different vendors.  Tonight’s dinner involves two ingredients that we purchased. We’d never tried squid ink pasta before so when we saw Tonnarelli Seppia Nera (an egg based squid ink medium noodle) at the Bosa Foods stall, we bought a […]