Two pizzas from Real Things Pizza in Naramata, BC

Real Things Pizza – Naramata, BC

Two pizzas from Real Things Pizza in Naramata, BC

We decided to take it easy on the first night of our Naramata stay and ordered pizza delivery from Real Things Pizza.  Their website is basic but kooky, their “Meet Our Employees” page is especially interesting!  Their worker base seems to either be entirely made up of kids or there’s something in the water here that makes adults look like kids!

Chorizo McKee pizza from Real Things Pizza

We decided on 2 pizzas to share.  The first one is the Chorizo McKee which has red pepper, onion, sundried tomato, cilantro, bacon and chorizo with a sesame seed crust.  We chose the thick crust.

There was a good amount of toppings on the pizza.  I love cilantro and would’ve wanted more of it.  I don’t think I actually got a bite of any though, as the others said that once you get one you know.  The sundried tomato added an intense punch.  A sesame seed crust is always a good thing.

Traindock Loaded pizza from Real Things Pizza

The second pizza we got was the Traindock Loaded which was topped with ham, capacoli, green pepper, onion, mushroom, black olive, and tomato.  Again on a thick crust.

Again a good amount of toppings.  This one was quite salty.  Loved the flavor bombs each bite of olives gave me.

What I didn’t love was the thick crust.  It was way too thick for me and made it more like a focaccia with toppings for me.  However I also don’t know if I would’ve wanted the thin crust, as I do like some substance (which is why I am not a fan of Me ‘n Eds).  Papa John’s has one of my favorite crusts for delivery pizza.

In all there was good and bad.  I don’t think I would have a craving for Rocky’s Real Things anytime soon.

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Real Things Pizza – Naramata, BC
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