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Update: This restaurant has moved to International Village in Vancouver.

It was my once-a-week eat-out outing w/ Fannypack today. We started this around 1-2 years ago when we took a program at BCIT together.  It was quite an intense program so every Friday we would go have dinner together after school to “celebrate” a week done. Back then we thought we would be working at the same hospital but things didn’t end up that way, so we’ve stopped the ‘tradition’ for a while. But now it’s back in gear.

Originally we wanted to go to G-Men as she’s never had real Japanese ramen here before. But it wasn’t open until 5:30pm and we were both out already, so we went to Aberdeen Centre food court instead.

Strawberry Cones

After walking around the place once, we (well, I did, as I always do…) decided to share a pizza from Strawberry Cones.

Strawberry Cones: Mochimo Smile pizza

As usual, I picked the flavor.  I picked the “Mochimo Smile”, because it has mochi in it.  It’s a pizza with apparently 4 different flavors, they being Premium Lobster, Spicy Shrimp, Habanero Salsa, and Hokkaido Potato Tuna.

We didn’t realize at first, and we picked up different flavor slices, and were confused how when I said “Oooh there’s such and such in here”, Fannypack didn’t find it, and when she said so, I didn’t find it.

The taste was good, but the flavors weren’t prominent, ie. without knowing what the flavors are, we wouldn’t have known that it’s supposed to be lobster flavor or shrimp flavor.

We also couldn’t finish the whole thing, so we didn’t get to taste all of it at the same seating.

I did taste the Shrimp one and the Potato one though. The Potato one was good, although I couldn’t find any tuna in it.  Instead I did have sausage, which is supposed to be in the Habanero Salsa flavor.  Spicy Shrimp also wasn’t spicy AT ALL.

Strawberry Cones pizza

But overall both of us really enjoyed the pizza though.  It had interesting flavors and the fact that it’s fresh out of the oven helped too.  We really liked the imo-mochi (taro mochi).  It’s not as chewy as expected, but it was very interesting to have that texture in the pizza.  Fannypack thought the pizza looked very cute also.  It was assembled very well (but it took a while though).

A weird thing was, the cashier asked if it’s for here or to go.  We said it’s for here, but we got a to-go box anyways.  Don’t know what the difference is then.

In conclusion, we would come back again.

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