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Frey White Lemon & Lime Chocolate

This was another find at Target.  Frey Chocolate is exclusively available at Target and they make really interesting chocolate combinations.

Now I know that real chocolate enthusiasts may condemn white chocolate.  However, the unique flavor combinations Frey produces really makes these white chocolate a unique experience.

For instance, the first flavor of theirs that I tried was the Cinnamon & Blood Orange White Chocolate.

Frey Chocolate: White Lemon and Lime

I went back wanting to get the same flavor again.  However it was sold out.  So I got the Lemon & Lime flavor instead.

Frey Chocolate: White Lemon and Lime

There are real bits of lemon and lime in it, making it tangy and sweet at the same time.  After a while, you may taste some spicy notes in it.

How come?  See the black bits?  It’s black pepper.  I would never have thought to have pepper in my chocolate, but here you go~!

Want a TRULY spicy chocolate experience?  They also have the Dark Chocolate with Cayenne Pepper!

Interesting tidbit…Frey Chocolates is the one chocolate truly made in Switzerland with true Switzerland Alpine Milk!  The other swiss brands are owned by Kraft and thus have production outlets all over the world.

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Frey White Lemon & Lime Chocolate
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  1. I am searching high and low for the Frey chocolates, that were available at Target through about June 2009. Then all of a sudden they were gone!!! I contacted Target and they gave me this BS answer that they like to change things up and introduce new merchandise periodically to their customers. I am sooo upset and have not been able to find them anywhere else in the US. I especially liked the white lemon&lime featured above.

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