Daiso Salt Tomato Candy

Way back during my high school years, there was a huge store in Richmond that sold Japanese snack and candy.  It was heaven as I was a huge Japanese fanatic back then.  I remember this store had loads of funky Japanese goodies you wouldn’t find anywhere else. One of the finds from that place was […]

ChocolaTas – A holiday giveaway!!

Update Dec 18, 2012:  Amanda you’re the winner! Make sure you check your email for a message from ChocolaTas!!  Congrats!! Ahh the holidays~ What better way to relax during this hectic time than to sit down with a box of gourmet chocolates all to yourself??  We were contacted by the local chocolate company Chocolatas to have […]


We’ve known of Coconama in Richmond for quite some time, and have had a few sample before, but never took the plunge to get anything. This time was different. I’m sure the fact that samples were tirelessly handed out helped a lot too. Among the flavors we sampled were Blueberry, Lemon Basil, Coffee, and Earl […]

Paul Croteau Confections at Campagnolo Caffe

Paul Croteau Confections had approached a bunch of local food bloggers to sample Mr. Croteau’s creations.  He is currently the pastry chef of Campagnolo Restaurant and Refuel restaurant, and now he’s ready to “spread his wings” and open a confection shop of his own. We were invited to Refuel restaurant to have a tasting.  Unfortunately […]

Frey White Lemon & Lime Chocolate

This was another find at Target.  Frey Chocolate is exclusively available at Target and they make really interesting chocolate combinations. Now I know that real chocolate enthusiasts may condemn white chocolate.  However, the unique flavor combinations Frey produces really makes these white chocolate a unique experience. For instance, the first flavor of theirs that I […]

King Leo Soft Strawberries & Cream Puffs

My sister brought this back as one of the souvenirs from when she flew to Georgia for a convention.  She thought it would be something I’ll be interested in and she was right. I had to open them right away since she wanted deperately to try them (and I thought they were for me!!).  From […]