Tony’s Pea Patch Cafe

Update Feb 15, 2014: This restaurant has since shut down. For breakfast one day while visiting my aunt and uncle in the States they took us to a new cafe.  Tony’s Pea Patch Cafe is family owned, and they serve what I call comfort food – big portions, greasy, filling, yummy. They serve breakfast till […]

The Outback Steakhouse

Ever since I saw the picture of the Bloomin’ Onion on The Outback Steakhouse‘s menu in Hong Kong many years ago, I’ve always wanted to try it.  It just looked so pretty. Now many years after, I finally had the chance.  This was during another one of my trips down to the States. It was […]

Shang Noodle House 尚麵館

I would never have thought to go to this place if it wasn’t for my mom.  She has become a ‘patron’ of the nearby establishment known as “Starlight Casino”.  Shang Noodle House 尚麵館 is a very convenient location for the casino-goers because it’s a 2-minute walk from the casino’s front doors.   Parking was simple, just […]

+Alpha Izakaya Tapas Bar

Pretty Sis introduced me to +Alpha (UPDATE: now called Alpha Sushi Bar), another izakaya restaurant located in downtown Vancouver. I first thought that it’s probably a lesser known Japanese tapas restaurant due to the “monopoly” by Guu.  However, Pretty Sis says that this place gets busier the later it gets, so I guess this gem […]

Pho An Nam 安南餐廳

This is a gem that Boyfriend and I found out not too long ago.  As it’s not located in the central restaurant area of Richmond, we had always forgotten about it even though we’ve always wanted to try it. We now frequent this Vietnamese restaurant the most since it’s the one closest to us. An […]

Marble Slab Creamery

Marble Slab Creamery is knockoff of the Cold Slab Creamery from our neighbors down south.  It combines the lasting tradition of good ole ice cream, delicious candies and fruit and a fantastic presentation of the mixing process on the ‘marble slab’.   Let’s get on with the review! The process is super simple.   You select the […] – Foodie Night

Update Aug 3, 2013: This restaurant is now closed. So the invite turned out to be legitimate. hosted a Foodie Night this past Tuesday to showcase their new menu.  I was quite surprised that my little blog was actually found and the organizer thought to invite me. is located near the edge of […]

New Seoul Restaurant

As much as I like the Korean restaurants here in the Lower Mainland, I’ve always found that in Washington where my aunt lives, there is better Korean (and Vietnamese) food.  (Chinese food is a different story…) New Seoul Restaurant is a Korean restaurant my aunt’s family frequent.  They had taken us there numerous times also, […]

Toratatsu Tapas Bistro 虎龍

Update: This restaurant has closed. Boyfriend and I had originally planned on going to Motomachi for ramen Wednesday night.  However, once we got there, we found out that it was closed on said day.  We were a bit disappointed, but at the same time I was excited because it finally gave us a chance to […]

Qoola Yogurt + Fruit on Denman

Update: Feb 15, 2014: This restaurant has since shut down. Qoola has already been reviewed by a lot of other blogs with great reviews.  I’ve been here once and this would be my second time.  What keeps me coming back is the Mochi topping they offer.  As I’ve stated before, I ♥ anything chewy!! The […]