Pho An Nam 安南餐廳

An Nam Restaurant exterior

This is a gem that Boyfriend and I found out not too long ago.  As it’s not located in the central restaurant area of Richmond, we had always forgotten about it even though we’ve always wanted to try it.

We now frequent this Vietnamese restaurant the most since it’s the one closest to us.

An Nam Restaurant interior

An Nam has got to be one of the cleanest pho restaurants I’ve ever visited.  The location used to be a few Chinese restaurants before and the decor used to be ghastly.  I’m glad these new owners actually put thought into the renovation.

An Nam Restaurant specials menu

During lunch time there is actually quite a lot of customers.  I think it’s because it is located near Richmond Centre so most people that work there would rather come here than pay for expensive food court food.  My mom’s one of them.

An Nam Restaurant: House Special Pho

I always order the House Special Pho at any pho restaurant.  An Nam’s version is pretty good.  There is an abundance of ingredients including: brisket, tripe, tendon, rare beef, beef balls.  The rare beef is pretty tender, which is not the case in many other restaurants.

The soup is very fragrant and flavorful.  They also do not hold back when I ask them for extra cilantro.  This is $6.00 for the small/regular.

An Nam Restaurant: Lemongrass Chicken Sub

Boyfriend likes their Lemongrass Chicken Sub.  The chicken actually has the taste of lemongrass and was spiced very well.  The bun was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.  This was $3.50.

An Nam Restaurant: Soursop Smoothie and Three Colour Bean Drink

Now we should all know what drink that is on the right.  On the left, is something I found AMAZING.

Originally I wanted the Avocado Smoothie.  However, they did not have it that night (or the next time I went, and the next time…), and the owner suggested this, the Soursop Smoothie.

Now I’ve never tried it before, but I’m glad I did.  It was tangy and sweet, a bit like yogurt, and I like yogurt drinks.  Perhaps that’s why I really enjoyed this.  I now order it everytime.

The owner lady is very friendly and nice.  They also have 3 LCD tv’s, but usually only 2 are turned on, one with Cantonese programming, the other with English.

Oh, and don’t try the online ordering.  It doesn’t work.

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