Hitman’s Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

I’m a firm believer in the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I’d like to share my recipe for a healthy, added-sugar-free breakfast smoothie.  This quick and delicious smoothie recipe makes enough for one tall glass, but can easily be doubled for two people.  I like to have […]

Miura Waffle Milk Bar new location launch

Miura Waffle + Milk Bar has just moved to its new Main & Broadway digs and they kindly hosted a pre-launch tasting event for the folks who had written about them in the past.  Wendy reviewed the old downtown location a while back, so we got an invite and figured this time I could give […]

Nuba (Kitsilano) & the Ra Energy 7 day challenge

A couple of weeks ago Wendy and I attended the Ra Energy product launch at Nuba in Kitsilano.  Ra Energy is a local company that produces seed mixtures to top your favourite foods with to add texture, flavour, and nutritional value.  Ra comes in garlic, plain, and naturally sweet varieties.  They teamed up with Nuba […]

DD Mau

DD Mau is a little gourmet banh mi place in Yaletown.  I guess its location validates the high prices they charge…in any other regular Vietnamese restaurant, a banh mi is at the most $4.75.  Hitman first heard of this place from reading about it in a newspaper, and he was very excited as they offer […]

Bubble Queen

You take a long-time classic like “Milk Tea”, throw some tapioca balls (and then call them precious pearls) in there and thus, creating one of the most popular modern beverage in the last 15 years.   We call it simply ‘Bubble Tea’ – its existence permeates the lives of most Asians around the world.   Today, we […]

Home-cooking: Breakfast Smoothie

My parents are on vacation for 2 weeks so I’ll have to fend for myself in the meals department for the time being. Not wanting to rely on takeout and instant noodles for 2 weeks, I started to make some simple meals and here’s to chronicling those attempts! And thus..the first post of my “Attempts […]

Tuttimelon Premium Frozen Yogurt

Update Feb 4, 2011: This restaurant is now closed. There’s a new froyo kid in town!!  And it goes by the name of Tuttimelon! It seems like the frozen yogurt craze down South has gained momentum here in the Lower Mainland.  The newest addition is located on Alexandra Road a couple doors from Kam Do. […]

Orange Julius Free Smoothie Day

I’ve posted the link to their website for downloading of the coupon.  But by 1pm today that specific page has been taken down.  I was worried.  I thought they’re globally ran out of the drinks haha. I thought the lineup would be bad but it was alright, didn’t have to wait too long, probably cuz […]

Pho An Nam 安南餐廳

This is a gem that Boyfriend and I found out not too long ago.  As it’s not located in the central restaurant area of Richmond, we had always forgotten about it even though we’ve always wanted to try it. We now frequent this Vietnamese restaurant the most since it’s the one closest to us. An […]

Sweety Pink 100% Healthy Dessert 百份百甜品

Update: This restaurant has closed. This is a small HK-style dessert shop located on Westminster Highway where Kingspark restaurant is.  I like this place because they have a few unusual yummy desserts, one such I am about to show you. The interior is quite small.  There’s about 10 tables in total.  It’s pretty brightly lit […]