Old Bavaria Haus

Wendy and I don’t usually eat out with others.  Probably because my schedule is pretty messed and it’s already tough enough to go out with Wendy!  So it was a pretty night to be on a ‘triple date’ with a very good buddy and his girlfriend and another couple of whom were his friends.  The […]

The Cannery Seafood Restaurant est. 1971

Update Dec 20, 2010: This restaurant is now closed. One of the more famous restaurants in Vancouver is closing up shop soon due to its lease ending. I have heard about this restaurant for years but never had the opportunity to go. It is fantastic that I get to share this experience with Wendy in […]

Beef Noodle @ Well Tea

Wendy and I have been crazing Taiwanese food for some time.  We really wanted to go back to Well Tea for their Beef Noodle and hot pots!  Recently, Wendy tried the Hot Pot seafood with Soy Milk from Pearl Castle but she reported that it was rather bland.  We thought that perhaps Well Tea can […]

Felicos Greek Restaurant

Happy New Year, y’all!  I hope everyone had a fantastic time during the crossover to the 2010.  I had the opportunity to visit Felicos on the last day of 2009.  It was a small gathering my family and a couple of family friends.  We did not know where to go until my mom brought it […]

Ho Yuen Restaurant

Update: This restaurant is now closed. Okay, you are probably thinking: “WHY ARE YOU GOING HERE?”  Aren’t the commercials of the owner dude on Fairchild Vision enough?  Isn’t this guy’s face and voice overly irritating to anyone that knows him?  Well, yeah.  But we could not resist the urge to see what he has done […]

Dragon Ball Tea House 龍珠茶園

After our visit to Beefy Beef Noodle House, we decided to rush over to the bubble tea house named Dragon Ball (Z!!!!)  Here’s a nice pic of the place and our shadows during a late fall day in Vancouver.  What surprised me most was that the parking was quite easy (in the side alley) – […]

Pearl Castle Richmond Centre Snacks

I believe Pearl Castle to be one of the most major brands in offerings Taiwanese Foods / Pearl Drinks in the GVRD.  They went from a single unit in Continental Centre and expanded next door to accommodate their traffic.  Now, they have expanded inside Richmond to its busiest mall:  Richmond Centre.  It is located right […]

Beefy Beef Noodle & Bubble Tea House

Update: This restaurant has closed. We usually do tend to bypass Vancouver itself and straight for downtown for meals.  However, we infrequently step foot inside Vancouver to enjoy its restaurants.  In an effort to try as many Taiwanese beef noodle places as possible, we pulled ourselves together, dusted ourselves off and ventured in Vancouver. This […]

Chapinlandia Guatemalan Restaurant

Update: This restaurant is now closed. Wendy and I really enjoy coming to Washington States many times a year.  One is to get away from the city, and more importantly, we love the deals that can be found at the malls and outlets!  We also get to try things that are not available back home […]

Gyo-O 魚王

Wendy likes to check out the Klip magazine where they feature local restaurants and other interesting items.  The front cover to a recent issue had Gyo-O as one of the featured places (it sure pays to be on the front cover)!  Gyo-O is at a good location inside the usually busy Continental Centre in Richmond.  […]