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Pearl Castle Richmond Centre Snacks

I believe Pearl Castle to be one of the most major brands in offerings Taiwanese Foods / Pearl Drinks in the GVRD.  They went from a single unit in Continental Centre and expanded next door to accommodate their traffic.  Now, they have expanded inside Richmond to its busiest mall:  Richmond Centre.  It is located right across from McDonald’s and can’t be missed.

Pearl Castle: fried calamari

Everybody lovesFried Calamari.  I never tried it before here so Wendy ordered it.  The batter layer was not too thick and the flavor was alright.  The calamari itself did not have much taste though.  It was rather bland and doesn’t compare similar offers from other locations (ex.  Cactus Cafe, Earls, etc)

Pearl Castle: Honey Yolk Thick Toast

We ordered the Honey Yolk Thick Toast.  The spread was pretty good and quite sweet – the way I like it.  However, I was left disappointed because the rest of the thick toast had little taste.  I admired the top bit, but the rest was best left forgotten.   Because I was so dissatisfied, I ordered another thick toast!

We’re not actually sure what’s on it.  It seems like a thin egg thing with honey on top.

Pearl Castle Richmond: Fluffy cream thick toast

This, the Fluffy cream thick toast, is the ‘highest’ offering for thick toast in Pearl Castle.  The almond flakes made the dish very attractive.  I applaud their efforts in beautifying the product.  However, again, it was only the top that tasted good but the rest of the thick toast was largely bland.  I was rather disappointed that I went 0 for 2, so I gave up there.

Wendy and I were left quite underwhelmed at the snacks at Pearl Castle RC.  We enjoyed their meals much more.  Perhaps we’ll stick with those from now on.

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