Photo of Pho Edmonds Bun Bo Hue

Pho Edmonds

Photo of Pho Edmonds

I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to write about Pho Edmonds.  They are AngryRussian and my favorite Pho restaurant in the world. We come here at least once a week and order the same things mostly every time (well, AngryRussian does anyways).

They are a small family-run business located on Edmonds St and has probably the best tasting pho broth ever and it’s consistent every time we visit.

Photo of Pho Edmonds garnishes

Their garnishes are a little boring though…just your usual suspects of bean sprouts, thai basil, jalapenos, and limes.

Photo of Pho Edmonds Spring Rolls

We alternate between getting Spring Rolls or Salad Rolls (but usually Salad Roll wins). They are not our favorite since we really like the rice paper version, but that’s hard to find nowadays.

Pho Edmonds’ Spring Rolls ($5.50 for 3) has the usual suspects of pork, carrots, and vermicelli. They’re always fried to the right crispy level here and the nuoc cham is always on point.

Photo of Pho Edmonds Salad Rolls

We usually settle on the Shrimp & Pork Salad Roll ($5.75 for 2) for the healthier snack. These are always fresh and has a good proportion of vermicelli, prawn, and ham. We enjoy adding their chili oil into the peanut sauce for a spicy kick.

Photo of Pho Edmond's Calamari

Once in a while though we health splurge and order their Calamari ($8.50) which is also amazing.  They are huge, thick-cut big rings in a very crispy, light batter.  It comes with what tastes like mayo so we just add their chili oil to it and makes it different.

Photo of Pho Edmonds' Pho Tai Bo Vien

AngryRussian always gets their Pho Tai Bo Vien (Large $10) which has rare beef and beef ball as the topping, although lately he’s been asking for the pork paste that’s in their Bun Bo Hue.  We find that their broth is amazing.  It tastes clean and has a fragrant cardamom and anise aroma. 

The beef they use for the rare beef is always tender.  But their brisket is sometimes tough (when I get their House Special Pho).  They also very accommodating when I ask for extra cilantro (which is EVERY. TIME.).

Photo of Pho Edmonds Bun Bo Hue

Last but not least, is the Bun Bo Hue ($11.50) which is my go-to for a long time.  It has a delicious pork paste, pork slices, brisket, and Vietnamese ham.  No pork hock here which is fine since I don’t eat it anyways.

The broth once again is clean tasting and spicy with a nice subtle lemongrass flavor.  The round noodles are always chewy which is one of my favorite parts of this bowl, as the round round noodles microwave nicely without breaking up when I have the leftovers!

We really love Pho Edmonds.  They also always have some sort of sports game on one of their two tvs so AngryRussian always has something to watch.  If you enjoy Wheel of Fortune, come at 7pm and you’ll never miss out on it.

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