Pho Thai Hoa 泰和 Richmond

Update Feb 15, 2014: This restaurant has since shut down.

Pho Thai Hoa

This is officially my new favorite pho place.  They are cheap, delicious, and their service is wonderful!!

The location we went to is their second store, located in Richmond.  It is in Union Square on Capstan Way, and the restaurant is at a corner across from Richmond Sushi.

Pho Thai Hoa

They kept the interior design from the previous owners.  It used to be a bubble tea shop which we’ve visited a few times.  However the owner was quite annoying (she kept coming over and complimenting on her own products).  They also had slow service.  But not in this case.  The servers were fast, courteous, and they actually smile!!!

Pho Thai Hoa: Spring Rolls

We ordered a small portion of Spring Rolls to share.  They were a bit oddly shaped but that doesn’t take away from the tastiness of it.  I like these vietnamese spring rolls wrapped with what I believe to be rice paper.  They use a really good tasting filling too which I love.  They serve these with fish sauce.

Pho Thai Hoa: House Special Noodle

I ordered a regular size House Special Noodle.  This cost $5.95.  I believe their large is something like $6.50.

When it came, it was HUGE.  Now I believe they’ve given me the wrong size because the next time I ordered the same size it wasn’t as big haha.  They are quite generous with their cilantro when I asked for extra.  I love cilantro.

In the House Special there are 2 pieces of Beef Balls, some big pieces of Beef Tendons, Rare Beef slices and Beef Brisket slices.  The soup was not overly oily and very flavorful.

Pho Thai Hoa: Chicken Curry

Boyfriend ordered the Chicken Curry which was served with a toasted crispy baguette.

The curry was interesting in that they make it with taro and carrots.  However Boyfriend said that there were not many pieces of chicken in it and the curry did not taste as good as curry should.

I believe this cost $4.95.

Pho Thai Hoa: 3 Bean Ice Drink

On our next visit we ordered the 3 Bean Ice Drink ($3.50).  Man was it good.  The ice on top was blended to smoothy texture, unlike some other places where the ice chunks are huge.  It “absorbed” the coconut milk well and it did not taste like ice at all.

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  1. Weird. The link to the urbanspoon shows another restaurant in Vancouver on Kingsway…

    My viet friend took me here, and it’s one of my favorite places to go for pho too. 🙂
    Very good, clean and they’re friendly. And it’s not Cash Only!

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