New Asia Deli Restaurant 亞洲美食

New Asia Deli Restaurant

Update: This restaurant has closed.

I’m in a Vietnamese binge lately.  Every day I crave pho.  This is another restaurant that I frequent, but that was before I discovered Pho Thai Hoa.

They are located in Continental Square (Centre? Plaza?) on Cambie in Richmond.  Their previous location was in the little mall where Staples on No. 3 Road is and they used to be packed, probably due to the amount of people going there for a quick lunch.  I haven’t seen them packed anymore since they moved here.

New Asia Deli Restaurant: House Special Pho

I ordered what I always order- House Special Pho.  I find that this place usually has the best tasting rare beef slices- tender, melts-in-your-mouth.

They sometimes ask if you want cooked or rare beef.  Apparently they like you to have rare beef so that all the juices and goodness of the beef stays in your bowl of soup.

This comes with the usual suspects: Rare beef slices, tripe, beef balls.  They may or may not include tendons…varies each time.

They have a really good soup base here also.  However, I sometimes find that the noodles that they use are overly salty.  I believe this is not their fault, but the fault of the actual makers of the noodles.  I haven’t found this problem at other restaurants though.

They are also a bit more expensive too.  Their regular is around $6-7, and the large is around $7.50 or so.

New Asia Deli Restaurant: Beef Brisket Curry

Boyfriend says that they make a pretty good curry though.  It has a mild-medium amount of spiciness and has plenty of small pieces of beef brisket (they cut them to bite-size).  This is served with a toasted baguette, like most places.

They also have really good Vietnamese Sandwiches, and they sell them for I think 4 for $11 now.  The best ones are the Special Sandwich and the Siu Mai Bao which is basically ground-pork.  I think they are $3.65 individually.

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