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It was lunch with Mom again.  This week we did it on a Sunday.  At first I was obviously skeptical about venturing to the “Golden Village” during the weekends, but since our destination is a little bit away from the “Bermuda Triangle” of Aberdeen, Parker Place, and Yaohan, I thought we’ll be safe.

Sushi House

Sushi House was a nice find by my Mom.  They have decent sushi and sashimi and decent prices.  As are the sizes.  There’s this one sushi roll which I really love at this place so I suggested we go there.

Also the fact that it’s located at Continental Square/Plaza/Centre helped too.  It’s far enough from all the headache and stress that is Hazelbridge.

We ended up ordering 3 items to share.

Sushi House: Assorted Sashimi

First up was the Assorted Sashimi ($13.25).  As you can see there is quite an assortment.  Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the Hokkagai (Surf Clam).  It was really sweet and crunchy.  I’ve never had Hokkagai as sweet as these.  Also not so surprisingly, I loved the Amaebi (Sweet Prawn).  It was just as it should be, nice and sweet.  The pieces were quite sizable too, which goes the same for the Tuna and Salmon sashimi.  They were probably close to 1 inch thick.

A gripe about the Tuna and the Hamachi though.  The Hamachi was a bit fishy, but I never enjoyed Hamachi sashimi anyways.  And the Tuna had the greatest sin of all…it was ICY.  That’s the worst.  I think it’s always the Chinese-owned Japanese restaurants that makes this error.

Sushi House: B.C. Combo with Ika and Natto roll

The next item was the B.C. Combo ($7.95) which consisted of all the items to the left.  The rolls to the right were not part of the combo.

This combo has BC roll, Negitoro roll, and one nigiri sushi each of Salmon, Tuna, and Prawn.

Sushi House: B.C. Combo

I would’ve liked the BC roll more if it were more of the crispy Salmon skin type than the meaty type.  Nonetheless, there were ample amounts of grilled Salmon in it and it was very tasty.  In fact, it had a slight smoky flavor which I really enjoyed.

The Negitoro were the usual.  They weren’t amazing but were still delicious.  As for the nigiri’s, we were both too stuffed and we didn’t touch them- they were packed to go afterwards.

Sushi House: Ika and Natto roll

So the extra item I ordered was the Ika & Natto roll.  I really love this stuff.  But I never used to.  I think that as I get older my tastes change ‘cuz I remember back in Gr. 11 when I went to Japan, my homestay family had me try some Natto and I absolutely despised it.  However now I can’t get enough of it.

It’s absolutely not a taste everyone would love.  It is sticky and pungent.  When you take a piece, there are strands of gooey-ness that follows your piece like spider silk.  And it gets everywhere.  But it’s SO GOOD.  This was $2.95.

Our total came to a decent $25.36 before tips for lunch (and breakfast) for two people.  I really do recommend this place.  It is quite busy though and it does get packed.

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