Okonomi Sushi

Update:  This restaurant has closed.

TDog and I met up for a much needed girl date, and we went for sushi lunch at Okonomi Sushi in Uptown New Westminster.

Okonomi Sushi is a Korean-run Japanese restaurant.  It’s spacious and clean, but the service is a bit slow and sometimes it feels like there’s a language barrier.  Extremely polite though.

Okonomi Sushi - Lunchbox D

I rarely make it for the lunchbox special deals at Japanese restaurants, this time I made it!  I chose the sashimi box combo and that includes 3 pieces of salmon and 2 pieces of tuna.  Like most Korean-run establishments I’ve been to, the pieces of sashimi are thickly cut.

The chicken karaage were also better than I expected!!  They were crispy, juicy morsels of tender meat.  The tempura were equally impressive.  The amount of batter was appropriate and overall crispy and light.  The sashimi dipping sauce was a tad too sweet though.  Beef teriyaki was dryish, which I find the is the norm.

Okonomi Sushi - Lunchbox E

TDog had Lunchbox E which was a vegetarian combo.  It had tofu teriyaki (agedashi tofu with teriyaki sauce) and avocado roll.  They made a mistake and gave her both the veggie udon AND inari tempura (supposedly you get a choice of one).  The udon was chewy, a very nice texture.

I was quite impressed with Okonomi Sushi and I would gladly come back for another lunch date.  Or dinner date.  Or whatever.

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