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The Keg & Bullfrog Power Partners Up!

The Keg is now Bullfrog powered!

‘Perfect Pairings’ was the theme one rainy afternoon at The Keg Yaletown.  To celebrate the environmental partnership between The Keg and Bullfrog Power, I was invited to a wine and food pairing event at The Keg Yaletown.

The Keg & Bullfrog Power

As of March 25, 2015, ten of The Keg’s downtown restaurant in Toronto and Vancouver will be powered by Bullfrog Power’s green natural gas.  Because of this agreement, The Keg becomes the largest restaurant chain in Canada to choose green energy!  How do they accomplish this?  Well here’s what they say:

“Sourced from a unique, ground-breaking methane-capture project situated on one of Canada’s landfills, Bullfrog Power’s green natural gas is a climate-friendly alternative to conventional, polluting natural gas. Through this innovative technology, biogas is captured, cleaned up, and put into the national natural gas pipeline, displacing fossil fuel-based gas and reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Bullfrog Power ensures green natural gas is put into the national pipeline to match the amount of conventional natural gas that each bullfrogpowered The Keg Steakhouse + Bar location uses. As a result, each bullfrog-powered location can use natural gas for heating and operating kitchen facilities without contributing to climate change.”

A little convoluted but easy to understand!  Way to go Keg!!


So back to the ‘Perfect Pairings‘ theme, The Keg organized a food and wine pairing/tasting.  With The Keg Alberni’s general manager Jason Margoreeth leading the way, we were led from one wine to the other, with instructions on how to taste the notes and aromas of each wine.


I must admit, with guidance, I was able to discern some aroma and flavor characteristics.  Check out this pdf if you’re interested.  It’s the same one provided to us and it’s greatly helpful.


And it’s true!  With the right wine pairing…certain food really does taste better in a totally different way!  For instance, pairing Creekside Meritage, a bordeaux-style wine, with The Keg’s filet steak really enhanced the steak’s flavor!  For real!!  My mind was blown.


In the end it was a great night of fun.  I learnt something, and I was glad to learn that aside from dining Ocean Wise™, Green Table Network, and GetLocal, there is now another way of helping the environment when dining out!!

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