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Van Cheong Tea Palace – Green Tea Mochi

Update Oct 3, 2009:  The Aberdeen location of this restaurant has since been shut down.  The non-restaurant location at Lansdowne is still open though.

Reader Holly has been paying attention.  She noticed that I love chewy foods, so she suggested that I go try Aberdeen Centre’s Van Cheong Tea Palace’s Green Tea Mochi.

So I did.

Van Cheong Tea Palace: Green Tea Mochi

They were some pretty amazing stuff! It was very very fragrant of Jasmine Green Tea, as opposed to Japanese Machi Green Tea.

This was a welcome change though.  Mainly because this mochi is so richly flavored with it.

We also like it because it’s not too sweet, although pairing it with actual Jasmine Green Tea would be perfect.

Van Cheong Tea Palace: Green Tea Mochi

They were also sufficiently chewy for me.  I could probably finish a whole pack if I didn’t control myself.  I love how they’re so *squishy* *squishy*.

Van Cheong Tea Palace: Green Tea Mochi

What I didn’t love though, was how non-environmental the packaging is, as with most Asian snack foods packaging.  I guess this keeps each individual piece fresh though, as opposed to stuffing them all into one big bag and having half dried out if you happen to not gobble up the whole pack.

You get 3 packs for $10, or as Holly says, $5 each.  If you like mochi like I do, get 3 packs :).

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Van Cheong Tea Palace Green Tea Mochi
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2 Comment

  1. I was tickled pink to read your review about the green tea mochi.

    Isn’t it awesome?

    I love it too and come to think about it, I’m just about finished my last bag, so time to stock up.

    They’re addictive little animals and yes, they do accompany a good cup of tea perfectly.

    It’s pretty close to heaven if you ask me.

  2. These candies are awesome!! I first ate them at a noodle place .. When they were giving these green tea mochi as deserts instead of mint!!
    Thanks to this post I was able to buy 3 packs for myself as well 🙂

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