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The Clubhouse Restaurant

A favorite Japanese restaurant of Boyfriend and mine is The Clubhouse Restaurant.  We been going since the early days of our relationship.  Unfortunately we don’t get to go often since it is just so out of the way.  We also found that the place seems to have irregular hours…we wanted to go once on a Tuesday night but arrived only to find it wasn’t open.

The Clubhouse Restaurant

It is a pretty eccentric restaurant.  I don’t think there’s a particular theme, kinda just like throw whatever here and there.  It wasn’t dirty though.

The Clubhouse Restaurant

Clubhouse Japanese Restaurant: Okonomiyaki

Their most famous dish has got to be their massive Okonomiyakis on a hot iron plate.  This takes a while to make.  If you don’t know already, okonomiyaki is what English would like to translate to Japanese pizza.  Their version has yakisoba underneath so one of these is already massively filling.  Obviously they don’t really put thought into presentation ‘cuz I can tell you that this is pretty ghastly looking.  If you’re someone that is into looks, close your eyes and just smell it if you order it.

Again I must reiterate- this thing is MASSIVE.

The Clubhouse Restaurant: Shrimp tempura cream cheese roll with Red peppers

We did order a few other things too.  One is the Shrimp tempura cream cheese roll with Red peppers.  Whoever thought of putting cream cheese into sushi rolls is a genius.  Cream cheese with anything is basically delicious.  The richness probably takes away any hint of bad taste haha.

The Clubhouse Restaurant: Salmon Tartar

Then was the Salmon Tartar.  Guu’s version is much better.  Only the original Guu on Thurlow though.  This was kinda small.

The Clubhouse Restaurant: Yaki Mochi

Lastly my craving for something chewy hits again.  This is Yaki Mochi, which is grilled rice cake brushed with soy sauce.  Simple yet tasty.

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The Clubhouse Restaurant
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  1. I’ve often wondered about the okinomiyaki here. That looks like a ginormous one. I don’t think I would be able to finish it alone.

    In my quest for reasonably priced okinomiyaki, the one at Lion’s Den on Kingsway is pretty good. It doesn’t have yakisoba in it, but it does offer a westcoast version with smoked salmon. It also takes a while to make, so be prepared to be patient. The decor is also pretty eclectic with a big stuffed lion overhead.

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