Deli Nippon

Update: This restaurant is now closed.

Deli Nippon storefront

Someone has left a message on multiple food blogs regarding this place.  I was wary at first since the gist of the message is basically the same.  However, since it was ramen related, my interest was peaked.

Deli Nippon interior

Deli Nippon interior

As you can see it’s a small place.  4 tables in total.  Most of their menu (actually I think the whole thing) is posted on the wall.  It wasn’t packed but there were people coming in constantly.

Deli Nippon: Shoyu Ramen and gyoza

I ordered the Shoyu Ramen combo which comes with 3 pieces of gyoza for $7.50.

I’ll have the say the soup was pretty good, but not stellar.  The noodles were okay also.  It was a pretty big bowl though, and it was a pretty good deal.  The ramen by itself was $5.50 I believe.

Deli Nippon: Miso Ramen

Boyfriend had the Miso Ramen.  According to that reader, since this place makes their soup base from chicken broth, miso wouldn’t be a good choice.  However we found this alright.  However the miso flavor kind of tasted like normal miso soup, not ramen miso.  It wasn’t bad though.

Deli Nippon: Buta (pork) Okonomiyaki

I also had to order the Okonomiyaki too.  I let Boyfriend choose the flavor and he chose Buta (pork) Okonomiyaki.

It was massive.  I liked the fact that there were noodles in it.

Deli Nippon: Buta (pork) Okonomiyaki

However I found that it was more like an eggy-omelette pancake than an Okonomiyaki, as I tried to show with the picture above.  It was like fried egg.  That didn’t mean it wasn’t good though.  It was cheap too.

In conclusion, it was a good dinner but it wasn’t good enough for us to go out of our way to go there, unless we happened to be in the area and wanted some cheap ramen.

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