Ramen Danbo Vancouver

Ramen Danbo

  Ramen Danbo has become one of AngryRussian and my favorite places to eat on our movie date nights (although we’ve really only been here twice).  The Vancouver location is within walking distance from 5th Avenue Cinemas, and is perfect for a quick and delicious meal.  We can usually get in and get out of there within […]

Kawawa Ramen

I have a feeling I will get some backlash for writing this post.  Why?  Well let me get my final thoughts on Kawawa out early in this post.  Quite simply, I really enjoyed the food and will definitely go back. Kawawa is located inside Metrotown right beside their All-You-Can-Eat establishment of the same name.  Now […]

Benkei Ramen on Thurlow

Update: This location is now closed. I find that the Thurlow location of Benkei more convenient, as it’s closer to the Canada Line station so it’s within easy walking distance. I don’t quite remember if the old location had these two types of soup on their menu, but I’m pretty sure Shiro isn’t on there. […]

Misoya Ramen

Update Dec 3, 2012: This restaurant is now closed. I think I’ve seen this Misoya Ramen before but just didn’t remember it until I saw them advertised in the current issue of Klip magazine.  They currently have a coupon in there for a Ramen and Gyoza combo for $10. It is not very big in […]

Shoyu & Tan Tan Ramen @ Menya

And so again, Wendy and I head out to Vancouver to visit more Olympic sights and see if there were any more Migas, Quatchi, MukMuk items for sale.  On our way there, we wanted to visit Copa Restaurant since we’ve heard good stuff about it.  Ironically, it’s because of the Olympics that parking on Cambie […]

Sensus Bistro: Pork Cartilage Ramen

Update Jan 28, 2011: This restaurant is now closed. As I said before the next dish I wanted to try at Sensus Bistro was the Pork Cartilage Ramen.  I finally got the chance to try it. This was $7.95 and it’s quite a large portion size.  The soup looks flavorful and it was, it didn’t […]

Menya Japanese Noodle

Again Boyfriend and I may be late to the bandwagon but we finally visited Menya one day for lunch/brunch.  But boy-oh-boy I never expected traffic to be so congested on a Tuesday noon hour on Broadway.  Parking was hard to find! We made it anyways, and was glad that there were plenty of seats available.  […]

Deli Nippon

Update: This restaurant is now closed. Someone has left a message on multiple food blogs regarding this place.  I was wary at first since the gist of the message is basically the same.  However, since it was ramen related, my interest was peaked. As you can see it’s a small place.  4 tables in total.  […]

Irashai Grill & Motomachi Shokudo

We were, like some other bloggers, invited to the Irashai Grill Open House.  All I can say about that was….disappointment and chaos.  It was pretty bad.  More about that later. Obviously, it was so chaotic, messy, disorganized,  over-crowded, chaotic (did I say that already?), that we stayed probably a bit over 30 minutes and decided […]

Benkei Noodle Shop 辨慶 Robson

Update Jan 3, 2014: This Robson St location is now closed. It’s a bit late but after all this time, we’ve finally got on the Benkei-wagon and visited the renowned Benkei Ramen. It was Boyfriend’s birthday and he didn’t want anything fancy.  He actually really really wanted to have ramen!  All the better for my […]